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  1. I've developed an installable version of SquidNT. Basically, the program installs SquidNT for Windows (tested on WinXP, Vista and 7), incorporates an ad and virus / malware blocklist about 10K URLs strong and runs as a service. It also has the potential to speed up browsing by caching common page infos on the hard drive for later fetching. I'm interested in the community testing this out for me and letting me know of any issues they run in to. Also, if there are any Squid gurus out there who have input regarding the way I've configured squid.conf, I would love to hear what you have to say. The program is free as Squid is free; I've just packaged it up as a nice, easy installer (maybe silent is in the future?). I have made NO modifications to the original SquidNT code, and take no credit for anything the developers of Squid, the guys at Acme Consulting, Guido Serassio or Romeo Anghelache have done with Squid or "SquidNT". The .exe can be downloaded from Here. Make sure you save it and run it locally, as installing it from the server seems to cause it to fail halfway though. And here's the ReadMe About SquidNT: Full Wikipedia article can be found here
  2. Sure, I've tried it, but I have really never cared for ryanvm's tools. Nothing personal, ryanvm, just my opinion. I switched to this method because it wraps all the updates for 2K, XP and 2003 into a neat package for reuse and a multitide of ways. This might have not been the appropriate thread to post in, but my thinking was that it would ease slipstreaming for some folks. I might need to check out ryanvm's stuff though... Been a while since I tried any of his solutions.
  3. Okay, this might have been posted before, but after searching I couldn't find anything on it. Seems a UK security firm has come up with an update script that will download ALL current patches and updates for 2K, XP and 2003, compile them into an ISO and create the necessary scripts so that when you run the disc on a target machine the updates are installed in the correct order and the machine is rebooted. I just finished creating a DVD with all the updates for the platforms listed above and so far after testing it on a few target machines I've found it to work flawlessly. This is perfect for a machine that has no network connection, or by calling a second disc after installing winXX. Here's a blurb from their page: "Looking for manageable Windows updates even without an internet connection? Our offline update 3.0 script collection downloads the entire body of updates for Windows 2000, XP or Server 2003 from Microsoft's servers in one fell swoop and then uses them to create patch packages on CD, DVD or USB stick. Those in turn allow you to update as many PCs as desired." Yes, slipstreaming is even better, but I know I've had my issues with hunting down every last patch for slipstreaming, and this definitely takes the pain out of that process. Here's a link to the download page: Download Offline Update 3.02 Of course, if this has already been posted somewhere I'll take my lashes like a gentleman...
  4. I wasn't talkin' about you. I was talkin' about LLXX
  5. I'll take a shot at this, since the trolls seem to be out right now. The only downfall is that the weak link is your proc. 1GHz of memory certainly isn't going to hurt things, but you'll never see the full benefits with only 400MHz pushing the rig. Hope this helps
  6. Hello all, I'm confused. This isn't listed on connect. Is it for a select few only? If not, can someone post a link to the download, since I am too fried to find it? Thanks
  7. It would appear that the more mature and robust WAPs out there seem to fare better than the cheap, off-the-shelf versions. Here's my reasoning: As a soldier, I travel a lot. Recently I took leave from the Middle East and flew back to Germany from Kuwait. In my billetts in the Middle East I have a standard Linksys 802.11B/G I bought for 60 bucks a few months ago. At my house in Germany I have a Netgear 802.11B/G, also a few months old. I was unable to communicate with either the Linksys or the Netgear (same issues as everyone else, no DHCP, connectivity cuts out, connects and then immediately disconnects, garbled SSID, SSID not showing up at all, etc), but I was able to connect and surf, quite flawlessly I might add, at Kuwait Int'l Airport and the Frankfurt airport, as well as in Garmish at the ski resort my wife and I stayed at. I'm pretty sure industrial-grade wireless solutions were used in all three of these locations. My synopsis is that wireless support for Vista has been tested using, as I already stated, more mature and robust solutions like Cisco and Juniper. I can hardly point the finger at my card in my laptop, as it is an Intel 2200BG, one of the most common and stable cards on the market. Thoughts?
  8. I have no idea, since it is already turned off in the registry (at least, the old way would have worked but it is already off)... However, I noticed that after a week the build just disappeared from my desktop. So, it is possible. I just have to figure out how I did it. I'm thinking that the wallpaper I set had something to do with it...
  9. If they banned you, why not just take your punishment and behave better next time? I'm sure you must have done something to deserve the bans. Because, he is above social law, or so he thinks. Here you go, EAT MY DUST, here's another tool to speed you on your journey towards false knowledge and, hopefully, a long prison sentence. Enjoy! CLICK ME FOR INSTANT GRATIFICATION
  10. Yes indeed I have a Dell Inspiron 9300 lappy with 1GB of RAM, 60GB 7200 HD and 128MB vidcard. Runs everything great, including Aero Glass. ATI has beta drivers for my vidcard, and the sound drivers came over MU after getting online. Install took over an hour, and the image is HUGE, but, it's very stable and runs Office 2007 beta 2 like a champ. I'm the kid on your block with all the great new toys OT: I'll tell ya, I've never been a big fan of Dell, but this machine is awesome. From FreeBSD to LinSux to any version of Windows including 95, this thing will handle anything I throw at it. And as an added bonus, I get very decent framerates in UT2004 (the only game worth playing these days).
  11. Simon, Thank you! Even though I kick insurgent a** for a living now, I still like to geek out every now and again. It's... Ralaxing Once again, thank you for your help. Maxamoto
  12. Anybody wanna do a tired soldier a favor and host this file somewhere else? I'm currently stationed in Kuwait and the Army servers don't allow access to Rapidshare or many of the other free services. I would really appreciate it. Thank in advance!
  13. Additionally, you can kill DEP at boot time by adding /noexecute=AlwaysOff to your boot.ini. Per the KB: "This setting does not provide any DEP coverage for any part of the system, regardless of hardware DEP support. The processor does not run in PAE mode unless the /PAE option is present in the Boot.ini file." You can view the full article Here
  14. VS2005 is required at this point. I'll have to wait on the RAM for now though Thanks for your help!
  15. Hmm, you don't think the OS and other apps in general will benefit from a moderately decent video card? I mean, gaming is not a priority with this machine (I have an xbox out here for that), but I would be interested to know if anyone has benchmarks or RW experience with low / high graphics solutions and general business apps. My thoughs are that 128Mb of VRAM might help with at least opening the applications for administrative purposes and startup times, while the system RAM, CPU and HDD will have more of an impact on the backend performance of things like Exch2003 and SQL2000. Thoughts on this, anyone?
  16. I wish that was an option. Unfortunately, I am stuck in Kuwait as a reserve component in the US Army, and space is at a premium. All the courses are distance courses through my community college back home, and from what I've seen in the syllabi (is that even a word?), some pretty extensive stuff is required. The software is no problem; I can get VS2005 for a hundred bucks, and the server OSs for a couple hundred through the school bookstore. I'm not really worried about the cost of the hardware requirements at this point, but rathar just making sure my original predictions weren't too, uh, excessive. Thank you!
  17. Hey all, hoping you can resolve a debate for me regarding minimum hardware requirements. I'm starting school for my CS degree (and also finishing up my A+ and MCSE certs), and some of the classes I need to take require Server 2003, XP Pro, Office 2003, SQL server 2000, Exchange server 2003, Visual Studio 2005 and of course, VMware. Obviously, I will be running Active Directory on my Server 2003 partition. Now, I'm not going to go into details regarding the debate, but rathar ask the community what, given an unlimited budget, would they consider an acceptable laptop purchase point and hardware specs for the above tasks. As always, I appreciate the help and look forward to your replies. Cheers!
  18. Cisco PIX router / firewall for me =] If I must use a software firewall, than WinXPsp2 with TCP/IP filtering enabled. Too easy.
  19. Right. Too bad good humor is wasted on bad brains. Let me break it down for you. Here's me a few posts back: "Seems to me that, the majority of the pro-Intel camp are working professionals that know how to run more than just a gaming rig. It would also seem that the pro-AMD camp generally comes off like your average junior high hick gang." So, we all know which camp you obviously fall into. So, I was quoting me, making fun of you. Get it now? Man, not only are AMD zealots completely devoid of all common sense, but they lack a sense of humor.
  20. Uh, you're sending me a link to an article by the The Register? One of the most self-admitted corporation haters / underdog promoters? Sorry, let's see some scientific facts here, not fanboy sites like Tom's hardware (who accepts a TON of advertising money from AMD, I might add) or Anandtech. Let's see some SCIENCE, kids, not your blind zealot-driven faith. And what good is 64 bit if it's running 32 bit emulation? Isn't that just as bad as "multithreaded" Windows 98 running all thoses processes down to two threads for DOS to deal with? Like all the AMD zealots are so fond of saying in this forum, faster is not necessarily always better. Folks, I think we can sum this whole discussion up like so: Q: So, which is better, Intel or AMD? AMD fan: "DOOD! I get like, a billion freakin' frames per second in Planetside on my new AMD! It ROXXORS!" Intel fan: "Depends on your application. If you are running mission-critical applications, process-intensive databases and you absolutely require the maximum amount of speed, stability and quality, then Intel would be your logical choice. If you are only interested in gaming and aren't as worried about quality or superior uptime, than AMD will suffice" Seems to me that, the majority of the pro-Intel camp are working professionals that know how to run more than just a gaming rig. It would also seem that the pro-AMD camp generally comes off like your average junior high hick gang. Sorry, it's always going to be like that. If you like Budweiser, Wal-Mart and spendin' your time at the rodeo in a sweat-stained wifebeater, then definitely, AMD is for you. On the other hand, if you are a working-class professional who appreciates quality, workmanship and can comprehend big words like availability, scalability and price / performance ratio, than Intel can satisfy your need for a higher standard. Just living up to my reputation as a hyperactive PR agent on damage control. But then again, I live for damage. Cheers!
  21. Huh? Have you lost your mind? Here, have a little read, and da Ihr Vater in der Armee ist, sollten Sie dieses bereits gewußt haben! US Army Europe home page My Brigade My Unit History So, about that RTCW... Maybe you should tear yourself away for just a few minutes, no? Remember: The keyboard is a Tool, not a Toy. Think before you type, and should you fail at that, do us grownups a favor and break both your wrists
  22. Since you obviously slept during your history classes, let me clue you in on some of the events that have taken place on our little blue planet over the course of the last century. There was this thing called WWII, which the Americans and Russians won, and some of the spoils of war happened to be military bases in Germany, which is where I'm stationed at. Since your Geography (and common sense) seems to be a bit rusty, if you look at any world map you'll notice that its far closer to Kuwait from Germany than it is from the US. Makes sense to send American troops stationed in Germany to Iraq, doesn't it? Ah, it's all coming together for you now? Glad I could clear that up. And yes, the last time I was in Kuwait for OIF the Canadians were there too, and yes, they were all crying like little girls. In fact, no less that 20 countries have soldiers in Kuwait / Iraq, so it sounds like you need to start actually paying attention to the news instead of just watching it And as far as your little comment about Darwinism goes, this will be my 3rd time in Iraq, and my 6th time in a combat zone. Looks like I win again
  23. Ok, I'll bite. Can you give me a link showing the rest of us exactly where Intel says they are inferior to AMD products? Thanks!

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