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  1. Hey guys, refresh the link for NDP30SP2-KB3072308, here is the new one (new version of this KB pack, 9.0.30729.4089): NDP30SP2-KB3072308
  2. Hotfix KB3062741-v2 released and can be ordered via e-mail. This one replaces KB3066710.
  3. @eGo®Z: Thanks for the heads up! I had missed that one... You rock! Despite on the fact that it was released in May 2015, really it was placed in the downloads only on July 23rd
  4. Using PE Explorer 1.99R6. They are empty - see in hex mode - you will see only zeroes. But it's OK. Checked the latest versions from W7x86 and x64 (rsaenh.dll 6.1.7600.16385) - it looks in the same way. It looks like these resources are not used in the new versions of rsaenh.dll and left there just for compatibility.
  5. Hey, guys! What do you think on this one: KB3055973??? It adds support for TLS 128-bit & 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) cipher suites in Windows XP. This update exists only in English version. But it's very strange update. RC Data section of rsaenh.dll contains 2 resources, 666 and 667, and both of them are empty. In all previous versions of rsaenh.dll these rsources were not empty. So far, I can not figure out is it an error or not :angrym:
  6. Changing version number with the highest one will protect you from an occasional reinstalling of the original KB3013455 in a future. So if Microsoft will release in march a new KB with the same file version number, you will need just uninstall your patched KB. By the way about last digital group in update.ver file. On the ryanvm.net forum i've found the message from harkaz where he wrout that it is CRC-32 hash sum. But how it can be caculated? Anyways it is not CRC-32 (ISO) or CRC-32B with Normal hash sum generator type - that's for sure.
  7. jaclaz, heinoganda, cdob, roytam1 don't forget - a file version number patching is also required for the better result
  8. The Russion version of win32k.sys has the same offset for patching like an English one, and it works perfectly, thanks harkaz By the way, i have to add my one cent to "update.ver" file patching. It has the structure, as it described below: [sourceFileInfo] sp3qfe\win32k.sys=D34BA6467C2109D604646747AB33D3AC,000500010A281A4D,1890432,SP3QFE,7B2FBF88 |----------- MD5 -------------| |-- Version --| |--bytes--| |--Branch--| |--Unknown--| ======== In our case Version is 5.1.2600.6733, so it can be decoded in this way: 0x0005 - 5 0x0001 - 1 0x0A28 - 2600 0x1A4D - 6733 PS: What means the last group of digits i dont know. If anyone knows, so describe it here, please.
  9. Where to get an info on it (guide and tools)? I meant "Delta compression optional" I just need to repack few older hotfixes for using in regular Windows XP (f.e. KB2095711, it has ProductSuit ==EmbeddedNT restriction)
  10. i've made MicrosoftUpdateAgent ver.7.2.6001.788 it uses the same setup engine like the original WindowsUpdateAgent30-x86.exe and, of course, supports the same setup switches: MicrosoftUpdateAgent30-x86.exe /wuforce /quiet /norestart supports 24 languages, should be installed after Windows Update Agent ver.7.2.6001.788 Download it ~333KB
  11. English: Windows XP Professional (SP3) Retail - Part No. x14-80428 Windows XP Professional N (SP3) Retail - Part No. x14-92445 Windows XP Home (SP3) Retail - Part No. x14-92413 Windows XP Home K (SP3) Retail - Part No. x14-92386 Windows XP Home KN (SP3) Retail - Part No. x14-92388 Windows XP Home N (SP3) Retail - Part No. x14-92393 Windows XP Professional (SP3) VLK/Corporate/Volume - Part No. x14-73974 Windows XP Professional KN (SP3) VLK/Corporate/Volume - Part No. x14-92432 Windows XP Professional K (SP3) VLK/Corporate/Volume - Part No. x14-92430 Windows XP Professional N (SP3) VLK/Corporate/Volume - Part No. x14-78118 Windows XP Professional (SP3) Checked Build - Part.No x14-92469 Windows XP Professional (SP3) OEM - Part No. x14-72249 Windows XP Home (SP3) OEM - Part No. x14-73422
  12. Mr The Plague have U "lastdrive=..." string in your config.sys file? have U "net use ..." command in any startup file (f.e. autoexec.bat or any logon script with drive mapping)? is your PC used as a workstation in Novell Netware network?
  13. i'm on dial-up connection and unfortunately can't download sabj from the Rapidshare completely in Free account mode How about to split it with a few parts using rar or 7zip or place it on another source?

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