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  1. Here it is. Save it as Alcohol_120.reg Good Luck.
  2. I'm using 0.10 version. Has some new features and bug fixes. The search tool has been improved provided highliighting option. Has a popupblocker popping up like in ie6 and sp2, syaing that it has blocked site... blabla. The browsers seems to be much faster now, options,extenstions.. It improved alot. Here is a download link if you need it! Firefox 0.10 Nightly
  3. Here is my tweak to add Un/Register commands in right click menu for dll/ax files. It's usefull for those who make their own codec packs and mess around with codecs. Took me a while to do it. Enjoy!
  4. I'v just compiled an installer for Inno Unpacker binary from http://innounp.sourceforge.net/. It adds some registry entries so u will be able to do right click on your Inno Setups and View Info,List files and Extract. Make sure u install it into your windows directory as the setup will allready try to locate your windir. And yeah you can try to also extract this setup. Download
  5. Most of those spywares are included in shareware and comercial software, most of the freeware programs do not come with spyware.
  6. Nice i was looking for this. Nero 4/5 doesnt support my dvd-rw
  7. I'v just compiled a small list of nice free programs that i use. Most of these applications are for everyday use and regular pc users. Comments are welcome
  8. I'v been using limewire pro for few months now and i can say it's truly best p2p applications for mp3 sharing. Searches are quick and responsive, has some rare music files that are hard to find and the speeds are maxing out. The applications is a bit slow, so is any other java program out there. Maybe they should write it in some faster language such as c. Lastly limewire is the only p2p application i have installed besides bit torrent.
  9. Yes you can. You can also make an installer using Setup Factory along with registry enetries.
  10. It's a wildcard that tells setup that you would like to specify filesystem at the setup screen.
  11. Thanks alot dude, how did ya find it btw. I tried so many search engines and strings waisted like 5hrs
  12. Ok When i open up this website, it looks like it's not official k-lite codec website. It's advertising some mp3 crap and u gotta pay for it. Now few days ago i was on official k-lite website and it was like this. It was with light blue and white menu on the left side. And yes there was a section tips with how to silent for k-lite codec. Now i made a msitake of not aving the website. and i need these component meanings urgently since i do not want to install all components so if you guys have it somewhewre saved could ya tell me components names. I'v spent like 5-6hrs looking for those co
  13. f4k3r


    Hi, just thought i'd wanted to introduce my self for my first post ;P. MSFN is a great, alot of information,tweaks and how-to guides. Exellent ;-)
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