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  1. Vista thinks cd is blank

    Same problem here. Drive works fine in XP, but in Vista it sees every cd as blank, and it's not a burning format issue, as it does it on all cd's and dvd's including purchased cd rom's. I have to go to Run and type the CD Drive letter and click Browse to get around it.
  2. Vista Media Center problems...

    Same problem, Pinnacle PCTV-80e mini stick. Installed it using the "Windows Media Center" option on the CD, and MCE did not detect the tuner at all, then tried installing the full suite, and now MCE detects it but when I try to set it up using United States as the region, it says invalid region. Tuner works just fine with the software that came with it.
  3. Help With IE7 Integration

    There were issues with IE7 not installing after SP3. This issue has been fixed with the latest release of IE7. You may have the old build. Download a new copy and you should have no issues.
  4. Remove Windows Messenger

    I like having it, personally, but if you really don't want it, just don't install it to begin with. In your winnt.sif: [Components] msmsgs=off
  5. Unattended Disc have to be a CD

    I had the same boot problem "Cannot boot from CD - Code 4" and it turned out to be Nero. My original version is which always worked fine. I downloaded the new version and got the error. I went back to the original version and it worked fine. I didn't change a single setting.
  6. The Unattended Guide will explain all of that, and you'll find the link in that pink bar right above the thread
  7. "Help To Protect Your PC" page

    Here's the source of your problem Change it to UnattendSwitch="yes" (take off the extra "ed")
  8. RunOnceEx integration Problem

    That is to install your apps using RunOnceEx from CD, rather than having to have them copied to the hard drive. If you use this method, change %systemdrive% to %CDROM% and take your "Install" folder out of $OEM$ and place in the root of the CD. Also, keep in mind if any of your apps use Installshield, you will need to specify an alternate location for the log file. Installshield writes the log file to the same location as the setup source by default. Since it can't write to the CD, the installation will fail unless you specify a different location. Example: Setup.exe /s /f2"C:\Setup.log"
  9. Vista altered my drive somehow. I don't know how but I know it did. I installed Vista from the DVD on a blank HD. I played with it for a few days and decided I didn't like it and tried to put XP back on there. The computer won't boot from the CD with anything but a genuine Microsoft CD. I get the error: CDBOOT: Unable to boot from CD - Code 4 I then went to my other machine and burned another CD this time using a CD-R instead of RW, figuring that might be the problem. Same thing. It only worked with the original Vista DVD or the original XP CD right out of the box. Microsoft is trying to pull a fast one. Well, I have egg on my face. My apologies to all of you Microsoft folks. I found the culprit and it wasn't Vista. It's Nero. I downloaded and installed the new Nero 7 Ultra version I was making the CD's exactly the same as i always did, but for some reason they're not coming out bootable. I uninstalled it and reinstalled version which is my original. Worked like a charm. The CD's / DVD's are coming out bootable.
  10. As far as I know there is no service pack 3. I wish there was, maybe get rid of the 75 post sp2 critical updates. Of course, it's not likely they'll release one, as they've got Vista out now.
  11. There's a whole process to making an unattended cd/dvd. Here's the guide http://unattended.msfn.org/
  12. I think the issue you're having is due to the fact that SP2 has native bluetooth drivers which are digitally signed of course, and therefore installed by default. I had to do these steps for my bluetooth driver. Install your driver. Go into your device manager. Expand "Bluetooth Radios" Select your device and go through all the screens to update your driver but when you get to the search and installation options select "Don't Search. I will choose the driver to install" then click next. You should see your driver in the list. Highlight it and click next, dispense with the "Not Signed" window, and finish installing the driver. After that it should work.
  13. "Help To Protect Your PC" page

    Make sure you have the following entries in your winnt.sif [unattended] UnattendMode=FullUnattended UnattendSwitch="Yes" OemSkipEula=Yes [GuiUnattended] OEMSkipRegional=1 OemSkipWelcome=1