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  1. m4gicfour

    Vista Media Center problems...

    Ok, here's my problem: Running Vista Home Premium 32-bit. Have a Hauppauge WinTV-PVR 150 working with mediacenter. Everything's set up and working, apart from the poor onboard Intel GMA graphics. Recently installed a Gigabyte Radeon HD 3450 (this one) for the added features and hardware-assisted decoding (not to mention audio over HDMI is great. It's actually an HTPC setup for my dad; whos not too computer literate and the less cords the better ) Suddenly Vista MC complains that it cannot detect tuner hardware. A quick check of device manager shows that all the hardware is set up, drivers installed, and (according to windows, anyway) functioning correctly. Googling the problem results in a possible fix (setting "Media Center Reciever Service" as local system service or something - cant remember exactly, did it step by step from the guide on HP website) which did not help. All other information seems to end with people throwing up there hands and saying something like "sometimes it happens, can't fix it". I know the tuner works, other apps can use it. The problem persists without the radeon present. Ideas? Please?
  2. Daemonscript 1.6.2 Description: (from included .chm) DaemonScript is an advanced scripting tool for DAEMON Tools and Alcohol 120%/52%. It allows you to easily create scripts that can perform various actions associated with the virtual drives of DAEMON Tools and Alcohol 120%/52%. Instructions: Download DaemonScript.7z from the attachment and add it to nLite addons page. Having an addon for Daemontools or Alcohol 120%/52% is not necessary to install, but DaemonScript is useless without one of them. Unfortunately, the author(andareed)'s home page no longer seems to exist, nor could I get in touch with him via e-mail. As before, should I be contacted by him and asked to remove or change this addon; I will comply. DaemonScript was downloaded from the Daemon-tools home page. I've found a problem with this addon that prevents it from installing properly. I've taken it down for now, hopefully I'll have time to fix it tomorrow.
  3. YASU 1.4 Build 7080 (Yet Another SecuROM Utility) Description: From the author of CureROM (syk0) comes YASU; an anti-blacklisting tool for Daemon Tools. YASU hides your Virtual Drives from copy protections, so your games can run without the original disc in the physical drive from a disc image backup/mini-image, and games/software which refuses to run when it detects virtual drives will run. YASU does NOT crack or modify games, nor will it allow you to run games/software without a valid CD-KEY. DON'T ASK me, syk0, or anyone else to help you with illegal usage of software. Disclaimer: The license for both Daemon Tools and YASU forbid use with illegitimate (pirated) software. Neither the authors of these tools, nor myself condone software piracy. Disclaimer 2: Permission to create and distribute a YASU addon for nLite was sought from the author via e-mail. No response was given; should the author demand, this addon will be changed or removed to comply with his/her wishes. Instructions: Download YASU.7z from the attachment and simply add to the nLite AddOns page, after Daemon tools. (Daemon Tools Home Page) (Yasu Official Download page) This is the first addon I've made for nLite, its fairly basic but has only recieved minimal testing. That said, it works for me. YASU.7z
  4. m4gicfour

    n00b looking for help with nLite

    Ok, thanks for the links. I'm going to try jd976's AIO svcpack addon first. I remembered the other thing I was going to ask... could someone point me to a YASU and DaemonScript addon (if they exist) and/or a -somewhat noob-friendly- guide on how to make addons EDIT For the benefit to anyone using search to try and find these; the .net All-in-one I tried (from Radix's link) worked great! Also, I've created an addon for YASU (link). Thanks for your help!
  5. m4gicfour

    n00b looking for help with nLite

    Hi, From what I read (google), the .Net framework can't be directly slipstreamed. Does anyone have an addon for it (1.1sp1, 2.0sp1 is what I'd need) or another way to automatically install it (via RUNONCE or something? not really sure how everything works, but I'm learning slowly) as a sidenote, anybody know of some themes that look good and play nice with nLite, or where to get them? (all I seem to be able to find are windowblinds themes or .Msstyles themes which are part of a larger package that doesn't play nice - missing stuff - with generic uxtheme.dll patch.) There was something else I was going to ask, but It seems to have slipped my mind