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  1. I've tried using a program called Badcopy Pro to scan the cds for errors and it reported a lot of errors on the first cd so I'm sure there are probably a lot of errors on the other 5 cds as well..
  2. Most of the time the disk you end up with fails. Lots of recovery disks use images of the hard drive, so they don't have the Windows install files. I have a different question now since I was able to get a hold of a oem hologram xp cd... Is it possible to take files from the i386 folder on my recovery cd and copy them over the files in the i386 directory of my XP work folder and have it work as being pre-activated?
  3. [Help] Compaq Recovery CDs to DVD

    I'm not sure where this belongs so hopefully it's in the right place but I was wondering if it was possible to convert 6 recovery cds made by a program that was originally installed on my compaq presario pc to dvd as I no longer have the original Windows XP installed and can't seem to reinstall as I get errors when trying to install XP using the cds that was created... I managed to get the files copied over to my hard drive using a file recovery program so hopefully someone will be able to assist me in converting 6 cds to 1 dvd... thanks in advance!
  4. What if you don't have a OEM hologram cd but a recovery cd made with recovery cd software that was installed on the pc when it was bought?
  5. I was wondering if there was a way to make an unattended xp installation using recovery cds that were created using Windows PE by software that was installed on my compaq presario when I got it?
  6. I have a question, Is it possible to still create a pre-activated copy of windows if you don't have access to the required cd? My Compaq Presario didn't come with a recovery cd of any type so I had to make one and one of the cd's got a few scratches so it doesn't work as it should... Anyone have any suggestions on how I can create a oem activated copy of Windows xp?