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  1. I found that installing the rollup is the wrong way to do things. Some updates require other updates and installing the rollup in the unattended ISO might break this. So instead I did not install the rollup, but installed all the other separate updates. I did this during the week, ended up with the installation that only needed .NET Framework 4.5/4.6 updates! (which I found no way to integrate directly) NTLite seems to know in which order updates should be added. I noticed that it rearranges my list (regardless of whether I add files manually, or just the whole folder), so that Servicing Stacks get installed first, and then the other updates.
  2. Hi, I've made an install with nLite(1.01), and have selected netowkr functionality as required (so I don't remove it by mistake). However, I cannot browse the network still. I guess I have removed some other component, but I cannot figure which one. Any ideas? (Network Places shows absolutely no items) I made an installation with RC7 with even more items removed and that one worked The only reason I am using 1.01 now is because VM packs are in .7z format now. Cheers.
  3. Cool, this does help with MSN and some other issues! Any idea what it takes to change Internet Options? (It says there are restrictions LOL)
  4. I tried that, the IE6 says there is a newer version, and IE7 beta just says "Setup cancelled" I imagine because the IE core is removed, the new IE won't install. Is there any listing what nLite removes for what components?
  5. Hi, Is it possible to restore IE core? If not, can anyone provide a list of files associated with IE core (i.e. the files removed when IE core is selected for removal)? By mistake, I've removed IE during nLite build, and half of the programs I use work only semi now (plus a large number of websites I need won't work in other browsers). I'd rather hack it back into the OS, than reinstall, since this system is setup quite enough, reinstall will waste more time. TIA, regardless of the outcome ;-) Deja.
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