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  1. Done correctly it just repairs the installation - it replaces, or repairs, any files that are knackered. It doesn't affect your installed apps., or your personal files but be aware that it must be a full retail version otherwise it simply formats the drive and installs afresh over everything - also be aware that it could well be one of your apps. that caused the problem in the first place. Visit these sites read what they have to say and you will feel more comfortable with what you are doing. When everything is up and running again you should consider making regular backups of your registry, also your important files - if you had regular backups of your files then you wouldn't be needing to take them of your drive now and you could just horse on with a reinstall. Good luck.

  2. done correctly, yes. Visit the Microsoft Site to get the gen on effecting a repair correctly. There are many tech sites on the web where you can get all the info. you require, if need be. It is necessary to have a full retail version of XP - it can't be done with a restore disc, at least I don't think so.

  3. When I try to run "Daisy 2.2" I get the following error message :- msgsrvstatus=wntSvcStatus (' " ', msg_name,0,2) does anyone have any idea what this means? The fact that I have been using "nLite" and removed some services is, quite possibly, relevant - and the reason I would like to get "Daisy" up and running is so that I can strip out "I.E." once and for all. Thank you, in advance, for any help you may be able to give.

  4. If you've done a registry backup then restore it. If you haven't been backing up the registry and you're using XP then try a system restore. If neither of these work then you are quite possibly looking at a reinstall, although a repair may do it.

  5. You could try uninstalling SP2, install the files you need and, then, reinstalling SP2. Barring that, you could always Disable System Restore completely and rely on System Backups or Drive Imageing software such as that available from Acronis.

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