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  1. In manual the service should run when you click on "Start this service" and it should continue to run (and service the relevant applications) until told otherwise i.e. the user clicks on "Stop this service". Unfortunately my machine appears to think for itself - and it doesn't do that very well at all, hence the fact that I must continually start the service whenever I need it however, as I stated before, it's only a minor gripe.

  2. That's another thing, some services, on my machine at least, seem to interpret the manual setting as a stop command - Windows Installer being one of the culprits. Every time I need to use the installer it's necessary for me to start the service by hand and, as soon as it's done its job, it switches off (I have it on manual as it's not one of these services that you call on all the time). Still, that's just a minor gripe.

  3. I don't know just what it 's supposed to do, all I know is that it is one of the few services which will cause agravation if you disable it. I lost just about every function, including Internet access when I accidentaly disabled this service - It took me half a night (and the loss of a lot of hair) to discover what I had done wrong. Boy...did I feel sick!

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