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  1. "All of these posts are false - except the hotkey combination to win in solitaire"

    I wouldn't know about that , I didn't try it. It's just something I found when I "googled".

    The fact is that, even if they did work. I've stripped so much out of XP, using nLite and manual removal, that I wouldn't find them if I looked for them. Sorry if anyone thought I was misleading them - genuine mistake - mea culpa.

  2. Are you in control of the mouse when you hold it? If you are unable to control the mouse in that situation, then there is a chance that someone else is in control of your desktop.

    If you are able to control the mouse then it may just be that you require a new mouse (or battery if it's a cable free mouse). You could also try cleaning the ball if it's a cabled mouse.

  3. Are you using it on a USB hub. Some USB2 devices (I'm thinking scanners and Modems here but external R/Ws may be the same) don't like hubs as they aren't able to draw sufficient power from them. Use Device Manager to check your USB ports. Also use Device Manager to check for any hardware conflicts - look for the little yellow exclamation mark.

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