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  1. I have searched this whole board and some others, tried about 20 methods but it doesn't work to boot ( even to copy ) the AIO DVD to an USB stick. As far as I have understood the loader.bin is the bootloader which activates the cdsh.bin. So all media I want to boot from must have this special written loader in the bootsecor, or cdsh won't work !? Am I right ? When building a DVD-iso every standart tool includes easily the loader bin as bootsector, but usb ? I tried the mkbt.exe, it just kills my usb stick, setting his memory to 3.2Gig ( from 16 gig), and makes it unreadable. Then I tried some more tools like the iso_to_usb, which stores an iso file including bootinformation to an usb stick. The tool runs fine, no errors, but in the end the stick must also be reformatted again to be readable. If I take an standart windows image, with tools like win_to_usb all works fine. So my only explanation is your bootloader, loader bin, doesn't work with usb sticks. Can someone here explain me if I am right or wrong ? Some advices what to do to get the thing runnning ? please help me, I'm really scared spending about a month or more by building this great DVD-images and now I can't use it. (cause of old mainboard in an all-or-nothing raid, so my dvd-drive isn't ready to boot) thank you very much Sconkel [edit: I use this manual http://flyakite.msfn.org/ really great, but just the usb problem. ]
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