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  1. I put yes only because most sites i go on need it.
  2. Hey can you change my name to "Orange™" please, thanks
  3. As the question above, Whats the best? Ive got some film ive done on a digital camcorder and wanted to do some editing and just mess around with the film so whats the best?
  4. As the question asks, what does it mean when a game gets leaked, well we all know when a game gets leaked it goes on the net via bit torrent or kazza etc but how does it get leaked from the game company... question sounds dumb but ive allways wanted to know!
  5. But the topic has not even been replyed to from more then 23 people also on other forum sites ive done this topic on its reached over 100 pages and no one has complained and its not spam at all, just read the topic name.... On the other forum sites ive done this on the name of the topic was called " What Are You Listening To In The Next 10 To 15 Minutes " so you are going to get more people replying to the topic
  6. Sorry for not posting this before but i fixed the problem but installing the game via Command Prompt and now it works
  7. What is TeleSync? Not sure if i can speak about suprnova.org on here But im trying to download some movies via suprnova.org but some are under the name of TeleSync now if i download that can i still view it via divX or do i need a special player or some thing?
  8. Gamespot Rumor Control has uncovered a nice bit of info that suggests Half-Life 2 went gold today. Ever since the release candidate for Half-Life 2 was submitted to VU Games in mid-September, a piñata has hung in the lobby of Valve's headquarters. The plan: to bust the sucker open when the game achieved gold status. Earlier today, GameSpot learned from an informed sourced that "the piñata has been broken" and the game has gone gold. Further evidence of the game's completion was a press release issued this afternoon touting the first review of "the entire game." Though nothing official has been announced yet, it appears the fat lady is at last clearing her throat. If true, this means an offical announcement is right around the corner, most likely Monday Gamespot Rumor Control
  9. About a week ago i formated my pc ( Xp Home ) and i tried to install Quake 2 but it doesnt work now and before i formated my pc Quake 2 worked Ive posted a screenprint of what i get Anyone got this before?
  10. I'm on 1.5MB ntl but upload is only 30kb, i thought it was higher?
  11. Or better, download songs then do that...thats what i do ( well before my MP3 player broke lol )

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