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  1. Make sure you have the newest, not only driver, software for the printer, I've had similar issues while the printer driver is installed it will not work until the original software is installed.
  2. I have now narrowed it down to my wireless network. When I disable WLAN card everything works beautifull. Using newest drivers :< UPDATE Disabling WLAN is not neccessary. Problem goes away even if I just disconnect the wlan connection.
  3. No the problem does no occur in safe mode. However if I boot up in Safe Mode with Networking the problem will occur again. This would indicate that the it is a network problem? I do have Network drives added that I use at work, but it used to work perfect..
  4. Hi. My account is an administrator yes. And the OS is Vista Business
  5. Hey guys. I have a big problem. Whenever i open my "Computer" icon on my desktop it opens an explorer window, that shows me absolutely nothing but a white blank screen After a while (1-2 minutes) it shows my harddrives and is normal. If i close it down and open it aggain, it will do that exact same thing. However, if I access shortcuts that links directly to a harddrive, cd-drive whatever, there is no problems at all and they open up right away. It's ONLY when I try to access "Computer". Im using a HP 8710w laptop, but I'm sure this is something OS related, since it also happened sometimes on my older HP laptop. Hope you guys can help, else I dont know where to turn Update I used Resourcesurveillance to further investigate and this is what i found when opening my "Computer": Update This problem is now solved. I checked safe mode, no problem. Then safe mode with networking, still problem. This lead me to think it was network related. I found out that if I disabled my WLAN the problem would disappear. I then tried to uninstall my network drives, and the problem is gone. I have reinstallated network drives and everything works now. Just wanted to share the info and thank for the replies.
  6. It SHOULD be easy to uninstall SP1. Goto programs and features and then View installed updates. Find Service Pack for Windows and uninstall it. However it can be a b***h. Take a look here http://www.msfn.org/board/Uninstall-SP1-RC...P1-t114362.html
  7. Aint there someone who can help? I tried using CMD (as admin) and run "start /w pkgmgr /up:VistaSP1-KB936330~31bf3856ad364e35~x86~~" but that didnt help either. I also tried uninstalling ALL updates to Vista. Nothing seems to help. Please assist me!
  8. Hey guys. I'm going absolutely crazy here. I currently have SP1 RC installed on Vista, so the other day I decided to install the final SP1 for Vista. Just one problem, I can't uninstall SP1 RC I tried following these instructions Instructions But I simply cant get anything to happend. ANY help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  9. Using this I found that my WinSxS folder takes up as much as 6gb or 43% of my Windows folder.. I searched a little for some information about this and what I found out is that this is a folder used to store .dll files and so on to avoid important .dll files overwrite.. But ****, 6 GB? On my PC this had not been a problem, but on my notebook I have limited amount of space I hope some expert on this folder will show his voice because if it keeps growing as it has been until now, I will have to reinstall at some point, and I would HATE reinstallaing for a lame reason like this, because the system runs smooth, when there is enough space
  10. So I was wondering what all my space on C:\ was being used for, since the drive is starting to be pretty filled. I came across that my Windows folder is over 13GB!!! Stuff on my desktop, documents, and so on is in the C:\Users folder right, so what the hell is taking up all that space in the windows directory?? Had this been in 2000/XP I would have been pretty confident what I could delete to save some space, but I dont know that much about Vista.. I'm running Vista Ultimate if that makes any difference.. Any help guys?
  11. hey chlubb. I think some more info would help. When does it happend? What are your specs? It is definately a driver problem, I would recommend you check for newest drivers for all your hardware.
  12. Hey guys. I'm getting a TON of unwanted folders on my D: drive. They're named like this MSIxxxxx.tmp where xxxxx = numbers and letters And yes, they are accessible folders with an .extension added to their name, however there is absolutely nothing inside the folders. When googling all I have been able to find is some way to remove them with a tool called "Disk Cleaner", but that is not what I want, I want them to stop coming! Besides the MSI folders I'm also getting folders named _544069_ with various numbers inside the foldername, I have not been able to find any information about these folders though. If ANYONE has a suggestion to how I can stop either of these folders from being created I would be very happy since I get annoyed everytime i visit my D: drive.. oh btw. I'm running Windows Vista 32bit UK on a HP "vista certified" laptop and I use MS office and a lot of other applications daily. Thanks in advance Henrik Hansen
  13. Try hitting the F8 key during boot and select "Safe Mode" or "Last Known Working Configuration"
  14. Do you guys know if there's a program or something out there that will allow you to use the Windows Media Center Remote Control to other stuff than media center? Like control mouse and such.. I dont use Media Center myself because I think it's weird system. Is there anything with the same functions that you can use instead?? Any input is welcome. Cheers!
  15. I totally agree. This is the most annoying thing EVER! If someone know how to make it stop, please dont hesitate to post!!!
  16. hehe, I just noticed a little stupid bug. I downloaded a 7gb packed as ~100mb rar files. When I CTRL+A windows will calculate the total size and display it in the status line in the bottom of the window. If you then do F5 and do CTRL+A again, it will add the total size to what it just displayed, so it will show as 14gb, next time you do it will show 21gb.. and so on ;p
  17. Hey all. Just wanted to let you know how easy it was to setup a network printer (HP 2570) on Vista. I plugged the printer into the switch, did some basic configuration at the printer lcd, and searched for network printer in Vista. Installed and working in a matter of seconds.. On the XP machines in the house I had to install 130 MB from the HP cd-rom before it would work. Just wanted to let you all know
  18. try disabling/removing the IPv6 part of vista ethernet. I had some problems with connectivity untill I removed that.
  19. hansen_dk


    Install the service packs? That would include most
  20. Sorry to move a little off-topic, but have you guys tried using the ReadyBoost? I was just wondering if it actually does work in the intended way? Or is it more like a emergency solution? Cheers
  21. Heh, this is actually a trick question if you ask me. Depends what you use the computer for, because a lot of programs dont work with Vista, yet. If you like some of us, love to sniff to what's new, and cant stand that someone you know is running a newer system than you, then yes of course you should make the move. I did, and I'm not dissappointed at all. On the other hand, if you're looking for a totally stable, flawless and pretty secure OS, stick with XP, since everything is compatible with XP. In my opinion Vista kicks some serious a** on the visual front, and I'm sure some of the more hardware related changes will show off in a few months. However, I must admit that I hate Vista for being so SUPER-userfriendly. Cheers B)
  22. Nevermind this post anymore. I bought a D-Link router instead and it works brilliant, took the 3com to the trash!
  23. It's a OfficeConnect Wireless 54Mbps 11g Cable/DSL and the "3com-number" is 3CRWER100-75
  24. With FTP or normal download there is no problem at all. It's like if I dont make any input to irc it thinks its idle and closes down the irc-stream
  25. Hey guys I made the bad choice of buying a 3com router recently. It has been nothing but problems so far, but most of them are now finally gone. One problem that still exists is the one I'm asking for help with; Whenever I connect to something like IRC or so, it disconnects after a very short period of time. However, it only disconnects if I'm not active. If I'm chatting with someone constantly, nothing will happend, but if I idle just for a few minutes it will totally hang and reconnect. Can it be some weird settings in my router? I tried disabling the firewall of the router, forwarded the ports 6666-7000 (irc), added IRC to something called Authorized programs in the router. I simply have no clue how to make this work. Any input is welcome. Thanks in advance

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