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  1. The case I got right now is all unfed up. Got it off newegg, someone bought it for me, but I find I don't have enough room for all my stuff inside. I will be getting another soon, I hope. Anyone have a good 'how to' site for etching? I'd like to put my nickname at an angledown the side window with lights on it, Specificly small (but brught) LEDs coned so they only light up in 1 direction, not ambiant. I think it will look nice. Also the limo tint is a good idea. Got any websites that show what your talking about? I kinda get the idea, however it would help if I saw it in action. Re: 'Cathode = heat' I have cold cathode in my system, and I see very little overall rise in temp. Although I do have a high power fan controler, with 4 case fans, including my thermal take turbine fan... That thing sucks out are like crazy. Burns at over 6000 RPM. P.S. Repost new links to the pics, I'd like to see.
  2. Yeah, it is basicly the same thing. I like it better, a little more streamlined. It is best used for multiple servers you use via remote. It allows you to have many connections at the same time in 1 program. Also, I notice that every once in a while when I change IPs, I need to disable remote desktop, then restart, then re-enable it. Also make sure you have any firewalls off. Particularly if you are running SP2 with automatic firewall. Hope that helps.
  3. Yeah, I had that issue too, I know my password, and I know I typed it right. I just had to restart once and it worked.
  4. Kick a**, thanks. I am @ work right now, however when I get home and after school (yeah, work 10 PM - 7 AM, and school 8 AM - 1 PM, kinda sucks) I'll try updating my bios. My chip is brand new, and would be mucho kick a** if it is a prescott. Thanks for the URL. The CD is pretty brand new, it is the SP2 intergraded after all. I try to take good care of my CDs, where as the XP CD with SP1 I have is my friend's dad's, and it is all messed up. X.x And regarding formating C to install, already did that, counting I belive 5 times or more now. Hahaha. I <3 Win XP 'Quick format' Hahahaha Oh, and with that link, it is a 'Critical Update for Windows XP however I am running on 2000 Pro, will that make a differance if it is just a bios update? Or will I need to 'Torrent SP1 and go from there? Thanks a bajillion guys, I'll let you know how it turns out!
  5. There isn't a bottle neck. It hung, and I walked away, and went to work. 8 hours later, still frozen. The CD I use has been used to upgrade from 2k-XP on 3 machines, and when I did the same thing on this one, got the same error. It has been used on 1 machine as a fresh install with format. My hardware I got from a local cyber hub for hooking them up on WoW Beta (I am a GM for WoW). I was having Hardware issues, and they took it and set it up for me. The HDD I have is the one I been using for about 6 months now, never a problem. 160G White lable, parted into 3 drives for Root, Personal, and Server files. I have a 3.0Ghz w/ Hyperthreading, however I only have 1 stick of ram, that is a PC3200 DDR 512. I used this same OS before my hardware upgrade, fast as hell. As I stated before, I have 2kPro, however I want XP. 2k installs perfectly, however upgrade from 2k to XP SP2 does the same thing as a fresh XP SP2 solo install. The only non SP2 CD I have is messed up, friend's and is scratched. The Mobo is brand new Intel, same with the drivers, should not be faulty. Thanks for the help.
  6. Having recently done the same thing, it -is- your Administrator login on windows XP installation. This would of been the very first password you shoulf of put in when you installed XP.
  7. I know this sounds stupid, however 1. Do you have Remote desk enabled on the PC your connecting to? 2. If you are using your WAN to connect, do you have the port forwarded to the correct Local IP? 3. If your using Local IP, are you sure you have the right client IP? 4. Did you put the info into the program itself, or open up the file in a txt and edit it manualy? 5. Username right? (I know alot of times my problem is Windows defaults the username to whatever you are on at the time, at the machine you are on) I use XP Pro to connect to my Server 2003 Ent. via remote desktop for a game server, these are just a few of the things I have run across as I go. Also, if your using the version that comes with adminpak.exe from the Windows site, try the one under 'Communications' in the 'Accessories' folder on the start menu, and if you are using that, try the adminpak.exe from the Win site (Win XP Pro only). Hope this helps.
  8. I just got my new Mobo and Chip, (Intel D865PERL w/ Intel Pentium 4 3.0 Ghz, 800 Mghz FSB). My Copy of windows is the newer version, with integrated SP2. After I insert the install CD, format, copy install files to HDD, blah blah blah, the computer restars. After I restart It gets to the Windows XP loading screen, the scroll bar passes once, then starts a second time, gets to about 40% and stops, and hangs.. and hangs... and hangs..... and I have a sandwich.... and hangs.... you get the point. I did a little research, and I found out that the cause may be my SATA drivers, however I have had them disabled(no luck), enabled and loaded the drivers w/ F6 before install(no luck), enabled and no drivers(no luck). I want to go buy a baseball bat. Anyone give me a hand? Thanks in advance. Matt

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