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  1. baltagy

    Beta channel

    Hi, I found another bug i think, since v1709 the system should reopen apps if you restart and left some apps open This setting is in "Settings>Accounts>Sign-in options>Use my sign-in info to automatically finish setting up my device and reopen my apps after an update or restart" But while StartIsBack installed apps don't reopen after restart Thanks
  2. baltagy

    Beta channel

    Problem fixed with v2.8.1 Thanks
  3. baltagy

    Beta channel

    It only happen with v1709, tested it in v1809 in vm and working fine In v1709 just open anything like edge in the background and you will get it, you may won't notice it if the desktop have a dark background
  4. baltagy

    Beta channel

    Hi, Is this a bug? tried to uninstall and install didn't help Only fixed by downgrade to v2.7.3 v2.8 v2.7.3
  5. Yep that's my problem, maybe "recently opened programs keep resting alot" also Microsoft bug
  6. Hi, I tried to avoid the recently opened programs keep resting alot by pin what i need and disable this option but i found another problem When i disable recently opened programs "Run" don't store what i used like CMD or if i used ping ... i have to type something to let the recent commands i used to appear ... also i cleared it and tried to type something but it don't get stored in registry while this option is disabled When i enable recently opened programs and use "Run" once i open it i can see what i used before without need to type anything ... and when i type anything it get stored in registry normally I can make a video to explain more if you want me to Thanks
  7. Hi, First thanks for your work There's a problem not sure if it's SIB problem or not The recent used programs keep resting every few day's and i have to remove what i don't need every time, this problem been there for longtime and i was hoping to get fixed in last version but it's still there Except that i don't have any other problem Thanks
  8. I have the same problem i keep remove them and they come back a few day's later also my explorer.exe restart randomly sometime 2 times per day Win10 64Bit here BTW i'm also using OldNewExplorer maybe it's the problem for explorer problem
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