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  1. Internet Explorer will start-up faster because its "Intergrated" with the operating system. The files needed for the browser loads when Windows starts up. Firefox has to load its own files so it will take longer to open for its first time. As for speed of web pages, look on the mozillazine forums for speed tweaks.
  2. Sonict


    Its even a better idea to start Windows 98 in safe mode to get rid of spyware. (Just make sure you update the definitions before restarting) How to get to safe mode (if you don't know) 1) Turn on, Restart , whatever.... computer 2) just before the windows 98 logo appears, hit F8 3) if you see a menu, select "Safe Mode" 4) run the spyware remover programs
  3. I agree. It makes the OS look professional. Please keep it.
  4. Try using the first setting "Auto" and see how it goes. If it works then problem solved. If it doesn't try using ratio 10.5x. I hope you don't have many problems. Regards, Sonict
  5. Touching those switches was the wrong thing to do. Those switches deal with what speed your mobo will run at and how fast the CPU will go. If you set them incorrectly to the wrong speed, you will experience problems. If you want to repair the damage, you can repair it if you know your CPU speed. Look somewhere near the switches on the mobo and you should find a legend telling you what switches to move ON or OFF to have the CPU run at a certain speed. I hope this helps you. Regards, Sonict
  6. Download this update "Windows 95 OLE 32 Update" and try to run firefox. I did this a couple of months ago and it works. Regards, Sonict
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