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  1. There's a new Version 3.1.3. Options and config button texts and tooltips can be defined in lang.js now.

    Some people complained about that HTML rendering for the config wizard taking so long. I've found another way of doing the rendering, called 'cached template'.

    In debug mode you can find a stop watch on the left panel. it measures the time rendering takes. the options dialog has a new option called 'Config create mode'. There's 2 entries there - 'cached template' and 'read & replace'

    For my small config, rendering takes about 3 second - cached template is faster only by milliseconds. but please try it out and post your results. THX.

    Debug (upper panel) informs you of which rendering mode is used.

    Also: if some guru's out there who could spend some of his time looking over config.js's code to speed it up ... please do !

  2. Thanks for your work Dynaletik. Incorporated it into my WPI - will be rolled out with next version.

    To answer your question:

    There's 2 new templates: 1 for the options wizard, and 1 for the config wizard. Both can be found in the common folder.

    To make the multi-language the following steps need to be taken:

    * For each fixed label on the page, you'd have to define a corresponding label in lang.js.

    * At least the english language label must be defined.

    * The fixed strings on the .htm template need to be replaced by (simple) scripts.

    An example:

    Original from optionswizardtemplate.htm

    <td nowrap>Language</td>

    lang.js has to be updated:

    var lblOptionsLanguage=[];
    lang = 'en';
    lang = 'de';

    Modified optionswizardtemplate.htm

    <td nowrap>document.write(getText(lblOptionsLanguage));</td>

    That's it. A lot of work to do, you see ?

  3. The thing with the options dialog is that a string is too long (no spaces)

    Edit common/optionswizardtemplate.htm, line 181

    set it to

                 <td width="90%">ToolTip CSS Style: TitleColor, TextColor, TitleBgColor, TextBgColor, TitleBgImag, TextBgImag, TitleTextAlign, TextTextAlign, TitleFontFace, TextFontFace, TipPosition, StickyStyle, TitleFontSize, TextFontSize, Width, Height, BorderSize, PadTextArea, CoordinateX , CoordinateY, TransitionNumber, TransitionDuration, TransparencyLevel , ShadowType, ShadowColor</td>

    and all will be nice.

    will be in next buxfix release.

  4. No. can't be done. It takes time to generate the HTML. This is because i have to do some regular expression replacements, when inserting the HTML for a prog.

    If you want to know more, look into common/configwizardtemplate.htm. At some positions you'll find the string %pn% which is searched for and replaced by the programs sequence number. This is mainly to have distinct form names.

    So frmcfg%pn% gets frmcfg1 for program number 1 and so on ...

    If you want it faster, you'd have to buy a more powerful machine.


  5. Hi folks.

    Read thru the change requests and found some of you wishing for an option to 'exclude' applications when others are selected.

    We know how dependencies work. If you select a program A, which is dependent on another program A, which isn't selected, then A get's selected too. A's parent would also get selected, until no dependencies are left.

    The same with deselection. I called that functionality 'dependecies'

    Now on to 'exclusions':

    The requested functionality seems to be the opposite to dependencies. If program A is selected, program B should be deselected - then follow the deselection rules of 'dependencies', right ?

    All progs that got deselected in this step should be disabled too.

    If A is deselected again, then enable all progs, that got deselected.

    Any additions ?

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