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  1. these are hard coded., Sorry. Should have used english there too. WPI has 7 (?) languages right now, and I'm only capable of 2. So if I make an add-on, I could only write the translations for english and german - not the other langs. For a fast release, I hardcoded the options dialog. will be multilanguage in some time.

  2. All your wishes could be fulfilled by WPI.

    There's one point to be aware of: If one of your application installs needs a rebbot and does that automatically, ther could be problem with WPI .. but there's a workaround.

    WPI is a configuration interface to Windows' runonceex-functionality. You sure know the runonxeex dialog. It's only 1 column. So if you install a lot of applications, it could grow too big for you screen resolution. Therefore WPI has a mechanism to install chunks of applications (15 per default). This means, that the runonceex-dialog will show 15 apps, install then, then WPI configures runonceex to process the next 15 apps and so on... WPI (although not visible) runs in background

    If one of the installed apps reboots the machine, WPI is closed. All applications left in the current chunk would install as usual, but if there'd be another chunk it wouldn't be configured (WPI doesn't run in background after restart).

    The number of applications per chunk can be configured. So don't forget to do that in the options dialog (up to 60 - reply if you need more, or adjust the value in useroptions.js) to have them all install in one chunk.

    Have fun.

  3. Hello users.

    In this thread I'd like you to post your 'wishlist' for WPI. If you think something is missing, or have an idea for new functionality, pleas leave a post, describing your idea AND the way you think it should work.

    I'm subscribed to this thread, and if you're lucky, you'd get your wish fullfilled.

    Note: any long discussions should be omitted. If someone has a wish, respect it. For a detailed discussion, start a new thread, and refer to it, so that this thread stays clean of something like:

    A: I wish for this ...

    B: I don't think that wish is a good one ...

    A: But ...

    B: No ....

    I'll edit the posts with a DONE, comment if a change has been made available to the public. So don't wonder, if your posts don't look the same next day. I'll just add text - I'll not remove a line.

  4. U dont catch what I mean.

    I want that the program or command will not be shown on WPI-s interface as a checkbox but still execute it.

    somebody any ideas to this ?

    Where's your WPI run from.

    Somewhere you call WPI.hta, maybe in a cmd-file where it says start /wait wpi.hta ?

    put your command/proggie there - WPI doesn't know about it, and it's run after wpi if you put it a line after the start /wait ...

  5. @Dennis

    Ok. Understood. There was a media called CD some time ago...

    No, don't be offended. I'm burning DVDs. Plenty of space there ...

    And yes ... Office's too big. Which shrinker did you use ?

    One last thing. Wouldn't it be better to not use C: but %systemdrive% instead. It's an environment variable, so you could use it in your unrar-cmd as well. There are situations, where C: is not the systemdrive (e.g. 2 partitions, win2k on first and XP installed to second). Correct me, if I'm wrong.

  6. @buzzman

    Please understand the following:

    the number of Apps displayed in one column is computed. for that, i use the sum of category-headlines and previous apps. for each resolution, the calculation changes. each application has its height, and each headline does. if the sum + heoght of the 'current' app won't fit, then there's a 'column break'.

    If you put <br>'s into your program definitions, the app's height changes, but i still use the same calculation as i'd use for a single-line app. so the column grows too big - and there's your problem.

    Sure i could recode the rendering. but that's a hard job to do for a 'single user change request'. It'll take some time ... right now I'm working on the 'installation order' bugs, which I can't really recreate on my WPI !?!

  7. How can I setup wpi so that if choice 1 is picked then choice 2 and 3 are greyed out?

    Hi Dennis.

    This can't be done by now. Sorry. It would make more sense, to have each option a seperate prog and just choose one of them for install. BTW - why rar it ? Why not use different names for the transforms-files ?

    prog[pn]=['Microsoft Office 2003 (Word Excel PowerPoint Outlook)']
    cmd1[pn]=['%CDROM%\\Install\\MicrosoftOffice\\setup.exe TRANSFORMS=WEPO.MST /qb-']

    prog[pn]=['Microsoft Office 2003 (Word Excel PowerPoint)']
    cmd1[pn]=['%CDROM%\\Install\\MicrosoftOffice\\setup.exe TRANSFORMS=WEP.MST /qb-']

    prog[pn]=['Microsoft Office 2003 (Word Excel)']
    cmd1[pn]=['%CDROM%\\Install\\MicrosoftOffice\\setup.exe TRANSFORMS=WE.MST /qb-']

  8. I don't got what this really do?
    var installByCategory=true;

    Can u explain shortly?

    I want that for each category separate RunOnceEx window created. Is it for that?

    not really. programs are just grouped by cat[pn], not by ordr[pn] in the install process. installation still happens in chunks of appsPerInstallWindow. categories are sorted alphabetically. so first all apps with cat[pn]='A', then 'B' then ..

    NO WINDOW PER CATEGORY FUNCTIONALITY. (perhaps in one of the next versions)

  9. the s*** has really hit the fan.

    The order in which my programs are installing is all screwed up.

    even my cleanup.cmd which is at the very end 999

    is installing in the middle?

    whats the value of installByCategory in useroptions.js. If it's true then read back a few posts - that's 'normal' bahaviour. If it's false, zip up you config.js and useroptions.js and attach it to a reply.

  10. hasi if i change any usersettings through the options page they dont load up next time, it goes back to default setting, is there a way around this so that the user settings are in?...

    Isn't it, that you customized your WPI.hta ?

    Perhaps you forgot one script include at the beginning of the document

    <script language="javascript">position="useroptions.js";</script>

    and of course you have to delete the values from config.js 'cause it's read AFTER useroptions.js and therefore overwrites its values.

    config.js should look like this now ..

    //tooltip style
    //Style ...
    Style ...                        

    // Reference ... prog[0] won't be used. It's just an example
    // look in program.js to see explanation of these properties
    pn=0    // start value vor prog numbering

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