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  1. Is there any message in debug such as 'Problem on installing theme-supplied font ...' ?

    This message should come from generate.js, function InstallFont.

    If you prefer an alert box, change

    debug("Problem on installing theme-supplied font '" + fontFileName + "': " + b.message,1);


    alert("Problem on installing theme-supplied font '" + fontFileName + "': " + b.message);

  2. try, if the following works:

    cmdow @ /HID
    REGEDIT /S %systemdrive%\install\registry.reg
    REGEDIT /S %systemdrive%\install\macromdeia.reg
    start /wait %systemdrive%\install\netfxsp1.exe
    start /wait %systemdrive%\install\dx\dxsetup.exe /silent
    start /wait %systemdrive%\install\ATI.CMD

    cd \install\wpi
    start /wait wpi.hta

    start /wait %systemdrive%\install\cleanup.cmd
    start /wait poweroff Reboot -warn -warntime 30 -msg "This System Must now Reboot , This Is necessary for applications to complete installation, shortcuts to update. Disk Defrag will start after login"



    start /wait d:\Unattended\Source\$OEM$\$1\Install\wpi\WPI.hta

    works on my comp if called directly on the command prompt (on another drive, in another directory). so it should, when called from a cmd-file, too.[/EDIT]

    Post the error message, please.

  3. ad 1) so you do not have a mouse wheel to scroll, is see. well the probs with the debug mode have been solved by a new css delivered with current/future wpi.

    ad 2) mo-margin or no-margin ... it's all the same. there are undefined properties. they'd only have effect, if I removed that no- / mo-. I should've deleted them completely, but forgot about that.

    ad 3) bad to hear that, since you could've been the one to tell me if font-installation worked or not (and especially, help me find the problem)

    tooltip-style is done only via options by now. but you could use the following trick: redefine it in your wpi.htm

    just put


    into the head of yout wpi.htm -> Tooltip-Style by theme.

  4. hi guys. try 3.3.2 - i've changed the path handling especially for your needs (WPI wasn't meant to be run from autorun)

    Autorun doesn't set the correct path, if you call wpi.hta directly. If you called a cmd-skript, that changes to the wpi directory and then calls wpi.hta, it should have worked.

    Now it should work from within autorun when called directly as well.

  5. No no. Edit the wpi.htm in your a06 folder and replace all occurrences of vaio with a06. so if there's a tag <img src="./themes/vaio/background.jpg"> it should be <img src="./themes/a06/background.jpg"> after the replacements. if you just replaces the background.jpg in the a06 folder and didn't edit wpi.htm, then it would still use the one from the vaio folder. that's how html works.

    to have debug another bg-color, edit wpi.css. The same to have it another forecolor. try that

    font-family: tahoma,verdana,arial;
    font-weight: bold;
    color : #FFFFFF;
    font-size  : 8pt;
    background-color: #5A7EDC;

  6. For the cut-off proble, edit boxes.js and search for

    switch (winheight)
     case '480': maxentries=14; break;
     case '600': maxentries=20; break;
     case '768': maxentries=26; break;
     case '1024': maxentries=33; break;
     case '1200': maxentries=44; break;
     default: maxentries=31;  

    lower the maxentries value for 1024 (your resolution ?) and try again.

    As to the problem with selecting the theme - it works on my comp, whatever I do. Dumb question: did you save the changes in options wizard? - BTW my vaio theme doesn't use the background-picture value from the options wizard.

    Another question: I see another font than the one I supplied with the theme. Didn't it get installed, or did you change the css ? It should've been installed on opening WPI with the vaio theme.

    Therefore the vaio htm calls InstallFont('CybertronMetals.TTF'); on load.

    If there's an error in installfont, it will be suppressed, but you could edit generate.js in the folowing way to get an alert on error:

    function InstallFont(fontFileName)
    try {
     if (!FileExists(WshShell.SpecialFolders.Item("Fonts")+ "\\" + fontFileName))
     WshShell.Run("cmd /C copy /Y .\\themes\\" + theme + "\\" + fontFileName + " " + WshShell.SpecialFolders.Item("Fonts"),10,false);
    } catch (b) { alert(b.message);}

  7. @asta

    right about that. did you know that VAIO means Video Audio Integrated Operation. Well I think sony's behind state of the art when speaking of notebooks. I wonder why my GRX has a brilliant display of 1600x1200, but lacks of an IR port and USB 2.0 !? Also where's video, when there's no Video-in ? So much for Vaio. But they're optically superb, I think..

    Someone asked me to publish the psd-soucres for the vaio.theme. download them here. Takes its time (approx. 2 MB). And it's only these 2 files I use - the other gifs are already included in the WPI download.

  8. Prob is, that people would post ther themes. And MSFN doesn't like wasting their space with tons of screenshots or archives. We have to find a way to share theme-zips on a non-MSFN server.

    Anybody knows a free upload center ?

    Also note: theme support is still under development. Tag your themes with version names (e.g myTheme_V330) so that others know, on which version this theme would run without any modifications. Since I'm still constantly working on enhancements with theme support, this would avoid problems.

    If a theme is made up for a single resolution (like the vaio theme) - tag it (e.g. myTheme_V330_1280)


  9. Hi Dennis.

    I think one of the things you wish for is already in there, but no one knows it. It's the cond property you could use. Hard to achieve, but possible. a little How-TO:

    You can use all of WPI's defined functions and objects in the cond statement.

    So imaging you define two office progs PA and PB, but when you burn your CD/DVD you decide which one of the two you put on it - let's say PA. So PB is defined, but not burned to the DVD.

    PA usually sits in %CDROM%\Install\PA\setupPA.exe

    PB usually sits in %CDROM%\Install\PB\setupPB.exe

    you could use the cond property in the following way:

    cond[pn]=['FileExists("%CDROM%\Install\PA\setupPA.exe")'] ... for PA

    cond[pn]=['FileExists("%CDROM%\Install\PB\setupPB.exe")'] ... for PB

    since this condition is evaluated on generation the checkboxes, WPI would not find setupPB.exe on your disc and therefore not create a checkbox.

    I know the syntax is hard to understand, but that's how javascript conditions are written.

    To ckeck for operation system one could use

    cond[pn]=['getOSver()=="XP"') .. the include on XP


    cond[pn]=['getOSver()!="NT"') .. the exclude only on NT

    getOSver returns the following strings: XP, 2K, NT, ME, 98, 95 or "Not found"

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