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  1. For Sincle-column mode uncomment the numCols in config.js and set it to numCols=1.

    the timer is also set to secs='60' in config.js. change that 60 to something else. note, that if you click on the timer, it stops.

    the thing with cmdX[pn]=['...','...'] or cmdX[pn]=['....'] comes from the release history. in former releases you had to give cdrom, systemdrive ... as seperate parameter to the cmd. if you do a new config, then use just cmdX[pn]=['%...%\\...'] with a single value - the %...% parameter can be used anywhere in the command. see the example config.js


    old style:

    cmd1[pn]=['systemdrive','install\\Applications\\office2003\\setup.exe TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qb-']

    is the same as


    cmd1[pn]=['%systemdrive%\\install\\Applications\\office2003\\setup.exe TRANSFORMS=Unattended.MST /qb-']

    and with new style  you can also use the %..% parameter anywhere in the command like

    cmd1[pn]=['msiexec.exe /qb /i %cdrom%\\Install\\Office2003ResourceKit\\ORK.MSI']

    and even twice and/or different

    cmd1[pn]=['%systemdrive%\\WINDOWS\\system32\\msiexec.exe /qb /i %cdrom%\\Install\\Office2003ResourceKit\\ORK.MSI']

    so you do not have to use the old style


    As i see a06lp was a little faster ... ;)

  2. The cdrom issue. An explanation.

    Recently a friend of mine bought a preinstalled notebook and wanted me to istnall some apps from my unattended XP cd. He just didn't want to install the whole thing anew.

    Problem was, that his Registry's SourcePath-Value was "C:\WINDOWS" - which is not an cdrom of course.

    So I had to find another way to determine the CDROM. As for an unattended XP-install CD there's always a file called "WIN51" in the cd's root directory. So now I do the following:

    cddrv = ""

    Enumerate all drives.

    From these loop through all drives of type cdrom and get the drive letters.

    For each drive letter X search the drive's root directory for a file called "WIN51"

    if found, the cddrv=X:\

    so it doesn't matter how many cdroms you have, as long as there's somewhere a media with the file WIN51 in its root. This media is the XP-install CD, so use it's drive letter.

    if this didnt help (file WIN51 wasn't found on any cdrom drive) then (and only then)

    get WPI's current folder as full path as D (this is where wpi.hta is)

    while WIN51 is not found in D descend one level until D is the drives root folder

    if WIN51 was found then cddrv=D (which can be a folder)

    so WPI has to be at least a subdirectory of a directory which contains WIN51


           +--- WIN51 (file)
           +--- I386
           +--- $OEM$
                                    +--- wpi.hta
           +--- Install (the Install folder on CDROM)
                 +--- Something

    this is, how my XPCD preparation looks like on my harddisk.

    even now if i write "%cdrom%\\Install\\Something" that Install-Folder gets found as subfolder of XPCD. Now I can test my installs with the %cdrom%-Path on my HDD. See it ?

    if the file WIN51 didn't get found either way, the use the registry's SourcePath value. That's for compatibility.

  3. I have a question concerning microsoft's setupmgr.exe tool. I used it to precreate my winnt.sif file. As an option i chose to import computernames from a textfile which results in the following entries in winnt.sif

       FullName="The Solar System"


    and a second file called winnt.udb:








    Trying to install on a VM the generated Computername always looks the way we know: SOLARIS-1234567 ... so it's autogenerated from the OrgName in winnt.sif

    So how does this thing with multiple computernames work. Is it, that this only works for installations from a remote computer's network share but not from CD ?

  4. cyberwolf: a quick resolution for your prob is this:

    edit wpi.hta

    down near the end it says

     <span id="inner" style="position:absolute; width:100%; height:100%; z-index:1; overflow: hidden;">
      <form name="WPI"></form>  

    change that to overflow to scroll like

     <span id="inner" style="position:absolute; width:100%; height:100%; z-index:1; overflow: scroll;">
      <form name="WPI"></form>  

    and you're done. Doesn't look fine though. Which version do you use.

    Have you tried to force resolution by editing api.js and setting fw to a fixed hres value (like 800)

     fW = 800; //for testing purposes only...

    Try it.

    EDIT: I found out, that the scrollbuttons to the right do not show up in forced 640 mode on my system either. It works with 800 and above. Must be an IE rendering problem, cause the table-definition doesn't change (table's width is 100% of <span><form> tag).

  5. @LaptoniC: what you see are graphics (buttons) - not checkboxes.... so there's something weird going on with your configuration. Could not recreate the failure on my sys - but I'm working on it. Don't give up. BTW. there's been a lot of changes since 2.7 - especcially with the code for rendering the checkboxes....

    @a06lp - right now, packages of 15 apps will get installed. You can change this value for yourself in generate.js if you want. This is also the file, where you could change the installation-mechanism to your needs - so if you want to install per category, just change the loops and be happy ...

    @ALL: Question 'bout V2.9: did anyone else have the problems LaptoniC describes ? Would be nice to hear about your XP-IE configurations)

  6. Yes, you're right.

    There's a problem with sorting. Do not use it. A fix will come ...

    My apologies.

    Hey - is there somewhere a html/javascript guru who can tell me, why the hell the changed javascript variables (changes in the sorting alg of boxes.htm) aren't recognised by one of wpi.hta's buttons ? is it, because boxes.htm runs inside an iframe of wpi.hta.

    Have to do some research about this behaviour. Will try to get rid of that IFRAME. See ya. For now - just choose sorting = false in config.js.

  7. Bugs fixed in Version 2.8.6.

    Defaults were'nt checked correctly in 2.8.5

    Note on sorting: although your apps get displayed in a sorted order, the installation via runonceex runs as defined in config.js.

    So even if an app, defined as the first one in config.js (that woul be prog[1]) is displayed at last position in the GUI (could be that its name may be 'ZOOM Player'), it would be first in install order. RunOnceEx would begin with "ZOOM Player".

    Some apps might be dependent on each other, so it must be possible to set an installation order.

    BUGFIX replacement of double backslashes when using cmd[pn]=['cdrom','...']

    ZIP removed.

  8. Ramik

    Since you're posting in an unattended XP installation forum, what good would it be to create an iso of a windows cd. I do not think that's the way of creating an unattended installation source.

    Copy the CD's files to a directory, alter the files necessary (see http://unattended.msfn.org for details) and extract the bootloader.

    Then create a bootable DVD including the files from the CD, all others you may want to have on it. Don't forget the bootable settings (bootloader, emulation type).

    Then burn. This should be the way.

    Making an iso-copy (as I've understood) wouldn't lead to satisfying results, I think.

    (Hope I did't anger someone - this thread reads like fire)

  9. In former versions sorting wasn't really useable i think. :} I overworked It and so now new rules apply: :P

    Sorting can be switched on/off in config.js

    A predefined sort order for categories CAN be given (you NEED NOT to).

    Sorting of apps is done only inside categories (if any given)

    If not even one category is given and sorting is switched on, then apps get sorted alphabetically.

    The apps entries in config.js stay the same.

    2 new vars in config.js determine sorting:

    var sorting   // indicate if category/name sorting shall be used
    var sortorder // sort categories according to sortorder if given

    initialisation can be done via

      sortorder=['System','Tools','Office']; //not all categories must be given
                          //missing categories will be appended to the end
                          //according to their appearance

    apps CAN have cat[pn], if it's left out for an app it gets the previous app's category (so this behaviour stays the same as in former version)

    Some changes with resolutions were fixed. WPI should now work in all 4:3 resolutions - with and without columns (the constraints of 640 (1col) and 800 (max 2 cols) res stay the same.

    The number of columns CAN be set from config.js's numCols variable. If it's left out, then the number of columns will be calculated (hres/30.72 was a good value) so that there's 3 cols in 1024, 4 in 1028, 1280 and 1400 and 5 in 1600

    Columns are not fixed - which means that even if you have a value of numCols=3 but too few apps configured it will only show 1 or two columns.

    Column fillup is done first down then right.

    So now it's version 2.8.5 :hello:

    ZIP removed due to massive bugs when using sorting.

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