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  1. Hi all. Perhaps the community can help me. I'm looking for the font used for the string 'UNATTENDED XP CD' on unattended.msfn.org See here: Can't find this font, cause I don't know the name. I need it for the WPI-Homepage (see my sig). To change the string of it's title image Anyone have the name, or even better - a link ? THX.
  2. Now I see. So you'd like to define for example 3 different office suites, but the user should be able to choose only one of them. Sorry - that's not implemented by now. And will not be for the near future.
  3. @fourte3n That's what I called categories. Already built in. I don't understand your question. This app is about choosing applications for install. You do this by selecting them via checkboxes. So if you configure two different offfice suites, you can select one, both or none. Have you ever looked at the screenshots (follow the link in my signature) ?
  4. Where's the prob. Everything runs fine, I think- The ballon's coming from XP's security center - ignore that for now and let the installation process come to an end. Oh, yes - your version of WPI seems to be a very old one, when I look at the config.
  5. Ok. If you want it to run really unattended then edit generate.js, Line 142: window.alert(getText(msgStartInstall)); Either delete the line completely or comment it like this: //window.alert(getText(msgStartInstall)); No alert is shown. You're happy.
  6. If the heights of the categories change, you must also change the column handling (when to start a new column). Look at boxes.js, Lines 210ff: if ( (winheight == 600) && ((pi+cats)>=(col*19))) { if (col<cols) { txt += ('</td><td width="' + colwidth + '%" valign="top" nowrap>'); col++; } else {txt += backnext(lasti,colwidth,true); cats=0; pages++; col=1; pi=0; } } if ( (winheight >= 768) && ((pi+cats)>=(col*(winheight/30.72)))) { if (col<cols) { txt += ('</td><td width="' + colwidth + '%" valign="top" nowrap>'); col++; } else { txt += backnext(lasti,colwidth,true); cats=0; pages++; col=1; pi=0; } } the thing you have to change (according to what resolution you are using are the 2nd constraint of the ifs saying winheight=... Especially the second value - 30.72 (used for resolutions of 1024 and above) - could be the one to change for you. Try to increase/decrease the value and see what happens.
  7. Have you tried WPI ? Does the same, but has a nice GUI, there's a central configuration file and ist multilingual.
  8. @Bulldog Upped a new version 2.9.8a. Try this one. Internal (re)numbering reworked. New languages. Note: if you use the ordr parameter in only some of your progs, the ones that don't have it, will be installed at the end. @bob3d dunno, if this is working. you surely have tried just to use that batch file as a prog's cmd. if that didn't work, then nothing else will. if you haven't tried yet, do so. WPI and RunOnceEx are designed to wait for every process's end. Since a batch script should also run in a separate cmd-process the only thing you should have to do it to use the start /wait mechanism inside the .cmd Post an excerpt of you .cmd file. Perhaps others do have another / better idea.
  9. send me a pm with your config.js. i'll see, what's the problem and fix it.
  10. WPI uses the following: rs = rs.replace("%cdrom%", cddrv); rs = rs.replace("%systemdrive%",sysdrv); rs = rs.replace("%windir%", windir); rs = rs.replace("%programfiles%",programfiles); these get replaced by windows environment variables (e.g. %programfiles% would get substituted by "C:\Program Files" (en,us) or "C:\Programme" (de) ...). you've got to write them in small letters. other default variables are supported in the cmds, but wont't get substituted through WPI (e.g. %USERNAME% stays the same, but has its corresponding environment variable - so it's useable)
  11. Yes, but that's the least option. Please do the following: Edit config.js and enable debug-outputs var debugOn = 1; // (0/1) for testing purposes only. Start WPI. There are now many outputs in the upper part of the screen. Select, copy and send these outputs to me via PM. Perhaps I can find the prob.
  12. @Dynaletik I've got a single-cdrom system. You seem to have 3 of then (H,I,J). Never tested that. Could you give me a detaileed system-layout (Floppy,hdd,cdroms and their drive letters) for your system (at the time the failure happens)?How do you know it wants drive H: ? Error message or registry lookup ? Where did I write that ? Changing drive letters in registry ? Findig the CDROM algorithm is explained on the HP - Help. Did you mean that with changing drive letters in registry ? @BoardBabe If the Appswitch itself needs a " you've got to write \". You're right with that. @bmn ApplicationSwitches and questions are in the Application Switches forum.
  13. Done. Version 2.9.8. German and english predefined in lang.js. If you add a language (easy!), I'd like you to send me a PM.
  14. Sorry. I alwas forget to remove my debug entries Version 2.9.7b. Install starts again ! You can use the config.js from 2.9.7a
  15. In javascript doube quotes can be used inside single quotes (and vice versa) without using a backslash. So a document.write('Hello "sweet" user') would show up as Hello "sweet" user If you want to use backslashes you can. Won't matter. Yes, that could be the reason. Please upgrade to 2.9.7a since there were many bugs in former versions.
  16. Yes. It should. But there must be a file called WIN51 in the dvd's root (it can even be an empty textfile, al long as it's called WIN51)
  17. Sorry it's my fault. Fixed the wrong version on my hdd. @all Download 2.9.7a and move your progs from your old version to the delivered config.js (delete the sample entries)
  18. I see there are grave errors in the last version. Do not use it in production. Errors will be fixed withing a few hours. Sorry. [EDIT] Bugs fixed. New Version 2.9.7 [/EDIT]
  19. try cmd1[pn]=['msiexec.exe /qb /i %cdrom%\\Applications\\Winamp\\Winamp505.msi INI="%cdrom%\\Applications\\Winamp\\setup.ini" '] cmd2[pn]=['XCOPY %cdrom%\\Applications\\winamp\\Winamp.ini "%systemdrive%\\Program Files\\Winamp\\" /E /Y']
  20. Sorry, can't help you with that. Try the app switches forum. **** the guys at InstallShield Corp. [EDIT] @a06lp It was such a nice question for the FAQ. Don't feel offended. [/EDIT]
  21. Is the Windows CD in the CDROM's tray ? If yes, remove it for testing purposes. Searching for the %cdrom% path works the following way: Get all the systems drive letters and their types (eg A=Floppy, C=Hdd, D=Cdrom, E=Cdrom, X=Network) From these, take only Cdroms (D,E) On the resulting drives, look for a file called WIN51 (D:\WIN51 if Windows-CD in drive) If the file is found, then set %cdrom% = the resulting drive letter (%cdrom%=D:\), and exit If not exited before, search the current directory for a file called WIN51 While WIN51 is NOT found, set current directory = parent directory and search again, until WIN51 is found or current directory=root directory. If WIN51 is found then set %cdrom% = current directory (C:\XPCD in your case), and exit If not exited before set %cdrom%=registry entry (HKLM\\Software\\Microsoft\\Windows\\CurrentVersion\\Setup\\SourcePath) end. So please remove the cd from its tray and try again.
  22. In former versions (2.7.x, 2.8.x) WPI wrote the registry entries and ended at the beginning of the installation process. I you called a cleanup script after the wpi script, it happened that it ran parralel to the installations. This is not the case anymore. WPI waits until the runonceex process has finished. I thought this was already the case...? No it wasn't. Think of the following: prog[1] = "Microsoft Outlook plugin" cat[1] = "Office" prog[2]= "Office 2003" cat[2] = "Office" sorting=true this would display the "Microsoft Outlook Plugin" first, and "Office 2003" second (since M<O in the sort algorithm) the plugin would be installed prior to Office. You don't want that. So now, you give ordr[1]=2 and ordr[2]=1. The display would be the same (1st plugin then office), but the installation order would change to 1st office, 2nd plugin. Got the idea ? ( As I write this it comes to my mind, that it would be fine to sort according to installation order inside the categories, so that display and install don't differ that much) Yes. that's a problem. Luckily coolsights opened a new thread, so there won't be too much confusion. I won't open a new one, as long as I do not change the design completely (as coolsights did). So we'll stay in Version 2.9.xx (there could be many x's) as long as there's no really new functions or a design change.
  23. The script error's gone now. I had a small typo in my own config.js. Sorry. Hi Whimsy. As I understand it, WPI was your idea - and it was a wonderful one. Thanks for this cool piece of soft. The readme and the docs were removed from the ZIP. You're right - they were outdated after all the changes. Doc is now online and contributions to you others given. I'll try to put an up-to-date version of the docs (including my changes) on the WPI page, but it takes a lot of time, so please be patient. I'm still working on the code (a little messy by now, due to my quickfixes) and commenting it. I think the docs may have to wait 'til I finished the cleanup. If you like to work on the docs I could send you a zipped version of the WPI homepage sources (just plain (d)html, stylesheets and a few pics). Just send me a PM. In the near future, I plan to make it possible to create windows user accounts through WPI, but as I'm working on my diploma thesis (it's about software maintenance btw) right now, there's not much time left for development. And there's still an open change request to make it possible to select/omit progs by windows version... (You'll see proprietary work, if you browse through boxes.js) So much to do ... so little time ... @All If you have any further ideas please tell me. I'll put it on the list. It's real fun to work on that thing.
  24. Version 2.9.6 is out, which adds the possibility to set the installation order of programs and waits, until all installations have finished.
  25. @a06lp Yes, there's 2 ways to set a program's command-line. 1st has 2 paramters (e.g.['cdrom','path\\prog'], 2nd only 1 parameter ['%cdrom%\\path\\prog'] Both call the same prog, but only the 2nd (new style) works with my extensions. So you better change your config.js to the new style. The old style is just for compatibility for <=2.7 versions. I'll remove that type of commands in one of the next versions.

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