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  1. THANKS to all for advice. XP SP3 does indeed run SATA just fine. THIS (Dell 530s) machine has done it for several years on a WD SATA HDD. I installed this system from the XP Pro SP3 CD without any updates or added files; it came right up and has run without problems. Further, I can use that same disk to install XP SP3 on a Dell 2400 on a SATA ->SSD<-. And that runs fine (for tests -- an hour or so) on that machine. When I try to either install on that machine and port the drive here OR install on that SSD on this machine I get a BSOD the instant the hardware touches the drive.
  2. Small SSDs are so cheap I thought one would be an interesting upgrade on my 'daily driver xp sp3 Dell 530s. Not so ... The machine is SATA so this should be plug/play ... right? Nope ... BIOS (up to date) detects the drive correctly. FDISK finds three partitions 1 & 3 are small, non-DOS. 2 is most of the drive, DOS. Reallocate to one primary DOS partition, FAT-32. (Like my real HDD for this machine.) Formats fine. Start to load XP from CD, it goes through the loading of files, etc. then crashes as soon as it touches the disk. "SESSION3" and a lot more stuff. The long
  3. I was lucky: When I installed 98SE on a Dell 2400 and then tried to install the Dell 1370 integrated graphics driver (845 chipset on the 2400) it simply refused to play: "This device has a conflict." The conflict was between three of the memory areas needed by the 1370 driver and ACPI memory allocations. There is no access to the ACPI allocations -- at least, not that I could find. I was able to change SOME of the graphics chip allocations but one of the conflicting ones could not be changed. The answer was to re-install Win98SE with ACPI disabled ("SETUP /P I"). With ACPI not deman
  4. I just got done installing Win98SE on a Dimension 2400 -- 845 chipset. Dell supported that chipset for Win 98 but Dell did not so the same sorts of issues came up. Most of it was straightforward; the integrated graphics was the one exception. Doing a straight Win SETUP I had memory conflicts between the graphic adapter and ACPI; there's no access to the ACPI allocations and although SOME of the graphic allocations can be changed, there's one that can't. The solution was (as above) to use SETUP /p i -- must be a space between p & i because the 'i' is a param passed to whatever the 'p
  5. Sorry -- I can't think of a more dignified title than that. I'm running Win98SE autopatched, NUSB3.6, etc. on a Dell 2400 and it works FINE -- very fast. I use it for an old version of Autosketch (old enough that I first installed it on Win3.1) and some games. THANK YOU AGAIN to the many people who developed fixes and packages to make this practical and to several others who helped me with specific problems. The biggest issue now is that the sound volume from the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz sound card I'm using is enough only for headphones. I know of one card that will produce plenty of
  6. Only one slot left on my Dell 2400 and I need sound, a joystick, and (preferably) a 56k modem for times when only a voice grade line is available. There is a card for machines of this generation running Win 98 that provides sound and a game port: Search for Ensoniq 1370; there were also cards with 1371 and 1373 chips though I don't know if these would work. EBay has the cards and drivers are available at the usual places; I found the 1370 card trick-free to get going. Wanting a modem too, I had exactly ONE choice: the Rockwell/Conexant Riptide 90079. This card has sound, joystick
  7. "... Add New Hardware in the Control Panel ..." I should have tried that. This project has been a series of loops (often have to go back a step in the hope of advancing one and a half or two) and if I get back there again, I will try it. FOR NOW, the answer is a PCI card that provides a parallel port. I tried a StarTech PCI1P2 which -- though it does not claim to support Win 98 on the package or offer drivers on the CD, DOES have win 98 drivers on the mfr. web site: I could not make it work. It kept showing as an 'adapter' of no particular character in Device Manager. THEN I got a
  8. Further use of my Win 98/Dell 2400 system turned up a new issue. Among the reasons for this system is a software package that is too old to run well on even an XP system. That package needs a printer so I cheerily hooked up an HP 952C and installed the software. OOPS! My system has no LPT1. None. It was turned off in the BIOS but turning it ON and trying the various options (AT, PS/2, ECP ...) did nothing for Win 98. My guess is that this is a consequence of all the stuff that I turned off to prevent resource conflicts. LPT1 is SO 'OFF' that Windows 98 can't tell it's there, ev
  9. I've been on a mission to get some of the iconic Win 3.1 through Win 98 screensavers working under WinXP. There's no practical reason to do this but who here doesn't remember 'Flying Toasters' or perhaps 'Bad dog!'? This is now effectively abandonware but everything does seem to be out there. The technical challenges are considerable -- the early modules used 16 bit calls and of course short file/folder names, 256 colors, and had no speed throttling -- they ran flat out back when a 66mHz CPU was Wow, Man! But most of that actually has been solved, hacked around, or at least recognized
  10. Many thanks for the long detailed reply, MrMateczko. Overall, I chose a path that would be simple for most people who might consider doing this installation to understand. Experts of course will see many choices at each step. I often use a file on the disk rather than the CD to actually do such installs. I had a number of bad experiences with USB mass storage support using the 98SE support; among those were permanently destroyed thumb drives and other kinds of data loss. This was years ago: Drive manufacturers are much down the learning curve now and perhaps they're not as fragil
  11. RetroZilla is certainly a great project. I put it up on '98SE today, just to see it go. It does, but like FF 3.6 (etc.) it only renders the simplest web sites. FF 8.0.1 with KernelEx is far better. A thought about priorities: Reading back over all the comments here, there's quite a bit about features, details of what RZ would support and so on. I would argue for going wide rather than detailed: Get RZ to the point where it runs on 9x in some manner -- with/without KEX, even under 98SE2ME, whatever BUT IT WILL RENDER IN A USEFUL MANNER VIRTUALLY EVERY SITE ON THE WEB. Tolerate a
  12. Some people have favorite software that doesn't run under later OSs; others just like being out of the mainstream. Dell 2400s are often $25 on local BB's, even FREE at dumpsites and from friends. With CPU speeds 2.4-2.8 gHz or so and hard drives of at least several gigs they're potentially super performers with 98SE. Realism is important -- '98SE CANNOT replace a general Win XP or later system -- but it's possible to have a very fast reliable way to run 95/98 software with necessary tools (Firefox ...) to support it. The same probably is true of other make machines with chipsets supporte
  13. Did you look to see if Intel supported that chipset for Win 95? I'm assuming Dell doesn't, but if Intel does then you would have a good chance. I have a Dell 2400 running Win98 (actually, 98SE2ME as of tonight) by that route. Dell denies knowledge of the 82845 chipset for Win 98 but Intell supports it and with a few flip-flops and some standing on my head, it works.
  14. I've just done a clean install of latest version of 98SE2ME; two anomalies noted: 1. During the extract phase I got the a message along the lines of "EXTRACT32.DLL missing export CABINET.DLL24" The extract continued and in time the system rebooted. 2. Right at the end I got the message "C\PROGRAM missing ..." (Usual stuff about make sure you have the path right, blah, blah ...) Checking for the (supposed to be) newly installed games (clues from coolman and problemchyld) sure enough the new shortcuts are there but the gamezone folder isn't. The various missing folders don't seem to be any
  15. First -- dencorso -- the problem I had (couldn't leave a USB flash device plugged in and bring up Win 98) was fully solved by disabling 'USB Controllers' in the BIOS and nothing more needs to be done for that. I can live with the fact that the CD drive gets a different letter depending on whether the flash drive is installed or not. I did not know about Letter Assigner; I found and downloaded a copy by following the Wayback link. Don't need it now, but I long ago gave up trying to decide what software I would never ever need. That's why I have NUSB, actually, and from fairly early days -- 3.0
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