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  1. Hey mate. What driver did you use to install the M70 Soundcard? I am really struggling to find anything that works. 

  2. Quite annoyed starting this thread now! The M70 I ordered turned out to be a complete dud, Here I was thinking I would be the first to put Win98 on what is likely the most powerful laptop capable of supporting it and Cov3rt here has managed to pretty much crack it! Ah well at least someone here can claim the honour
  3. Hiya. Hopefully iI'll have less troubles with force ware then you did with catalyst. I set out to find the highest spec laptop possible that had a chance of working. Guess I may have found it! With the VRAM issues. Is this not just linked to the Ram limit of Win98? I do have RLOEW paid ram patch which may solve the issue. I haven't used switches like that. Are those used when installing the video driver? Hopefully I will aquire the laptop next week.
  4. Hello all. I am a proud owner of a D600 I managed to get running with the help of people from here and Vogons. I was looking through what other laptops I could pick up cheaply and get 98 SE running on it. I see alot of posts about D610's and D810's. Though very few on the Precision M70, has anyone tried to get 98 running on it? http://www.dell.com/downloads/global/products/precn/en/spec_precn_m70_en.pdf In theory it is possible. 915PM Chipset, IDE Drive, Sigmatel STAC 975X AC97. However I am not sure about the Nvidia Go1400 Graphics card. (Based on a Go6800). I can find drivers for 98 with the desktop 6800, but not anything specifically for the mobile versions. The alternative is to softmod the 1400 to a 6800, I think there are drivers for 6800? Also it is an MXM 3 based connection which is PCIE Will this be a problem? Is there anything else I should watch out for before taking the plunge? Is the 915PM Chipset drivers or workaround stable? Cheers!

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