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  1. Oops, sorry about that! The disk patch is really only $11. Even though demo version only offers up to 145 GB, the reason I didn't try was because of other driver compatibles I would run into with 98 on that compaq. I actually prefer to use older computers like my dell. Your software still looks promising, I would definitely look in to it if I ever got a bigger drive!
  2. I apologize for not replying to this thread for over two weeks, but I am here to say that I finally got windows 98 SE happily running on my Dell Optiplex GX270 Yeah, I knew installing Windows 98 on that machine would be d@mn near impossible even through the sata patch, which isn't free you have have to pay about a $99 to fully utilize. So what I did instead was I stole two of the 512 MB Ram sticks(The RAM type was compatible with the Dell) from that computer and put in this Dell making the total amount of ram 1GB! Maximum amount for 98. I also was finally able to solve my realtek audio problem by loading the windows 95 drivers instead of the 98 ones complaining about the missing ntkern.vxd mmdevldr.vxd I am very happy now being able to still use windows 98! especially with the modern compatibles of kernel ex!
  3. Goodday everyone! I am posting this because I'm am crazy enough to reattempt (thinking about it now ) in getting windows 98 se to load on this compaq! To make things worse (for win98) this computer has been upgraded to 2.50 GB of RAM! This computer also has a 250 Gb SATA HD. It was pretty diffcullt even getting to the windows 98 installation since cd support didn't work due to the lack of real mode dos drivers for the DVD Rom, but I've manged to work around this by putting the win98 cab files and setup on the hard disk through flash drive using a linux live cd! But it still wasn't successful through installation even after editing the system ini. Referred to this topic: http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/129983-how-to-install-windows-98-in-modern-motherboards-using-more-than-1-gb/ The real problem was that it froze on the first detecting new hardware phase, the setup itself even suggest that the user powers off the computer if not responsive! After powering back on it surprisingly when past the new hardware phase and even finshed the non-plug play detection. But after the third boot it would would just freeze on the startup screen for like 10 minutes to only pop-up a BSOD claiming: "Disk Write Error: Unable to write to disk in drive C:" I assume this has to do with some other known limitation to windows 98 like no native SATA drivers, or large volumes in FAT32 but I'm not sure!
  4. Naw don't worry about it, I'll just use windows xp on my other compaq computer that's newer with an amd64 processor, and has 2.50 GB of RAM. It can still play dos games with vmdsound, and still do any modern task! The truth is that I would try to get windows 98 running the dell if only realtek audio driver complaining about a missing ntkern.vxd mmdevldr.vxd. I didn't bother. Anyway windows 95 was a stable os at it's time, but it seems to be dead and buried when attempting to use it for anything modern, mostly the web. XP on the other hand will be useable for many years to come! Thanks for the reply!
  5. Sorry if this got posted twice! Has anyone had any luck getting this chipset to natively work on windows 95? I'm trying to load this on an Dell Optiplex GX270. The last time I tried this was when installing the graphics driver, but didn't work since it complain of a missing dll when trying to launch igfxtray. The driver refuses to load without this. Could someone please help me into to getting this to work? Windows 95 is my favorite version of Win9x, and would much rather use it on this machine rather than xp which is slow as hell under 512 MB of RAM. *Also I am aware of the Vemp 9x Drivers, but trying to get the real driver to work because these drivers have this glitch that causes the entire screen to go black when opening a dos prompt, doesn't even work when executing a dos game under windows!
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