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  1. Can you name the people you contacted? jaclaz Julie Larson-Green and Terry Myerson
  2. People, hold on to either XP or 7 for dear life!! Do NOT purchase another Microsoft product as long as you live. This is not a class-act company.
  3. Then millions of readers will finally learn that Microsoft is not to be trusted. They've got 29 days left.
  4. Well, I contacted the two top dogs at Microsoft and told them that if they don't do one of these 4 things within a month, I'm taking this story straight to the Lead Editor of PC Magazine: 1. Deactivate the Windows XP activation servers for all versions of the OS and all Microsoft-brand XP software. 2. Roll out a patch via Windows Update to automatically delete WPA in the registry. 3. Write an article explaining how to manually delete WPA and post it somewhere easy to find. 4. Generate one bypass-activation key that can be used for all versions of the OS and all Microsoft-brand XP software. All clever and doable options that let Microsoft save face.
  5. 181 views but not a single reply? Does the integrity of Microsoft -- you know, the makers of Windows, Office, and countless other software -- not mean anything to you?
  6. In 2012, a Microsoft representative said once XP support ends on April 8, 2014, XP users will still be able to reactivate their OS or software like before. But if you call WPA, the automated recording tells you Microsoft will only allow reactivation of existing legitimate XP licenses when customers transfer their full-package-product license to a new system, or install on a currently licensed system. It sounds simple enough, but talk to a WPA agent and they'll play semantics with you and say sorry we can't reactivate Windows XP because we no longer provide technical support for it, even though there's nothing wrong with your Windows XP or product key. Are they wrong? It sure sounds like it according to the automated recording. Or are they right and that's why when I attempted to reactivate Microsoft software called Plus! Digital Media Edition, the WPA wizard said it couldn't connect to the Microsoft server? I don't know, but I felt it was necessary to share this issue with the public so they can look into it as well. The problem is Microsoft may have set the activation servers to block all XP reactivations. If you try to reactivate your Windows XP or Microsoft software, the WPA installation wizard may automatically generate an error saying it can't connect to the Microsoft server. What could be happening is once the server calls home to Microsoft, it checks and detects the OS or Microsoft software is for XP and invokes the block. Microsoft can't just suddenly change the Windows XP EULA. The deal was the license allows an end user to install Windows XP or most Microsoft software on one computer as many times as they want and they'll be able to reactivate it forever. This is grounds for a lawsuit if true. And the last thing Microsoft needs is more bad press. If it is true, they're only doing this because they're so desperate for money, can't surpass XP, and badly want to kill XP as fast as they can. I've already shared this with the two heads of Microsoft Windows: President Julie Larson-Green and Terry Myerson. They can pull this same scam on any future Windows OS or Microsoft software, too, so we need to watch them very carefully as time goes on.
  7. Of course he doesn't. But to be fair, it was a classy and respectable move to issue IE6 to IE8 this patch.
  8. I assure you that the only gaming you'll be doing on 8 MB of onboard VRAM is Microsoft Solitaire. You need at least 64 MB of onboard VRAM to play PC games from 2008 or earlier with medium settings. No, just get a used high-end AGP card with 256 MB or more of VRAM off eBay or elsewhere and you're good to go.
  9. Technically, no IE8 isn't XP, but what I meant is IE8 supports XP, so it's like extending End of Support for XP. True enough! And, since IE8 is supported both on Win Server 2003 (EoS: Jul 14, 2015) and on Win Embedded POSReady 2009 (EoS: Apr 09, 2019), then all IE8 components and patches go on up to at least Apr 2019. I like the way you talk, but Mr Nadella doesn't. LOL
  10. Yes, but Internet today as transformed into the primary operation for computers today.The Internet revolves around the lives of most people today, so making sure my browser can handle it is a top priority. When the day comes to when the most modern browser cant handle the web, then this will do quite well http://www.msfn.org/board/topic/171363-possible-hope-for-old-browsers/#entry1074566 . That's what I said when he said that.
  11. Me neither... until NOW! http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814161318 It was the first one I found. I think we need more information... 1. What video card? 2. What operating system? 3. What power supply (might be needed, not sure) 4. What model display? The video card is the exact one you linked. Windows XP Home 32-bit SP3, FSU Group 480 W, and HP LA1751g.
  12. Technically, no IE8 isn't XP, but what I meant is IE8 supports XP, so it's like extending End of Support for XP.
  13. Just for fun I checked Windows Update for new updates earlier, and sure enough this one for IE8 came up. So much for XP and IE8 end of support. LOL I guess Microsoft figured even though they were hard pressed to kill XP, this vulnerability was too serious to ignore. Do you think we'll see this tactic more for XP?
  14. This seems like a real and common problem from further research. This sucks. The video card manufacturers should at least mention this potential deal-breaker in their products' descriptions.
  15. Is it true HDMI over AGP can't allocate IRQ resources to video and sound, meaning if you use an AGP card and connect an HDTV to it, you'll get no sound?
  16. Hence, choose the sp4. Oh, okay your advice included SP levels and not just KB updates. Does all the different versions of this update update the same files to newer files? I can't find file information for any versions other than the original.
  17. This just gets more confusing. There's two versions of KB948101 available for download. One says for SP3 and the other says SP4. Uh, XP doesn't have a SP4. The SP4 file is newer. Which do I choose?
  18. Den, I can only find KB948101, not KB948101-v3. Where do I download it?
  19. The X1650 uses the RV530, not RV535 chip. I'm assuming that given some manufacturers opted to disable temperature and fan speed monitoring on the RV535, all RV530 cards don't support these features? Is there any program out there that can shut down the computer if the video card fan falls below a certain speed?
  20. I just learned that supposedly the X1650 doesn't support temperature or fan speed monitoring?
  21. I need a lightweight program that shows my GPU temperature and video card's fan speed. The problem is none of these programs show them that are supposed to. Why? I have an ATI X1650 AGP card. Programs I've tried: GPU-Z HWMonitor SpeedFan Open Hardware Monitor MSI Afterburner
  22. Thanks for the clarification.
  23. I checked all my USB drivers in XP. A few are not the most recent versions. The potential problem is if I install those hotfixes, it could place the newest file version for one driver on my system, but then if I have the newest file version of another driver in that hotfix already on my system, will the installer be smart enough to update only the older drivers on my system to the latest file versions, or will it also replace my newest file versions with the older file versions in the hotfix? Also, higher file versions don't always mean newer files, which complicates things.
  24. Oh, I get it now. You're saying the Windows XP Firewall is blocking incoming echo requests through my computer's internal IP address, but it doesn't have the ability to block them through the gateway's external IP, and the gateway is what's responding to GRC's ping requests? Is that a hardware limitation or OS limitation that I don't have stealth mode? Sorry, your wording is a little confusing.
  25. I think it's so cool how you guys love your old Windows OSes and work so hard to keep them running and doing what you want, no matter what year it is. I'm the same way. I plan to use XP forever. I'm actually going to most likely be the world's last XP user and plan to send Microsoft a screenshot of my XP desktop with the date shown in a tooltip in the bottom right-hand corner in like 2050. The new Microsoft president will view it on Windows 150. It will crash and he will cry. LOL

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