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  1. Ah I get it now, I was under the impression that neither of the mice worked in the port. Perhaps mouse B itself is faulty? Could be a loose contact that just about makes a connection in the first port but doesn't in the second port?
  2. Is the USB port that isn't working USB3? Windows 7 doesn't have USB3 drivers included with the install, so to get those ports working you'll need to install those drivers from your manufacturers website
  3. Enabling brightness controls on my Asus laptop

    Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be an ambient light sensor connected to this PC (doesn't show up in device manager in Windows XP or 7, also no sensors are detected in Windows 7 control panel). I can't actually find the Generic PnP driver on Windows XP, I tried to use the Windows 7 Generic PnP driver in XP but it didn't work. Changing brightness works fine in 7, just not in XP
  4. Enabling brightness controls on my Asus laptop

    Hi jaclaz, The monitor is seen as a Plug and Play monitor, it has the ID DISPLAY\AUO26EC, which I couldn't find any driver for online, is there a way to disable the adaptive brightness on XP then?
  5. Hi everyone, I have Windows XP Pro 32 bit working perfectly on my Asus K55A laptop. The only thing that isn't working is the brightness controls. All the other controls using the Fn keys (volume, wireless switch, sleep, etc.) work fine. Normally I'd ignore this issue only that the display is just a small bit too dim for me and I'd like to increase the brightness one way or another. So if anyone knows how to enable the brightness Fn keys on this laptop or knows another way to increase the brightness I'd love to hear your suggestion. Thanks!
  6. Is Windows 98 okay to run on a P4?

    It's been a while since I ran ME on this machine so I couldn't tell you which driver I got it working with, I got my Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 today anyway and it works beautifully in 98!
  7. Is Windows 98 okay to run on a P4?

    Yeah I've tried every combination of drivers that dell provided for the ADI and none have worked (although they work in Windows ME, oddly enough) so I think the sound blaster is my best option
  8. I have a Dell Dimension 4600, which came with XP, looking to use it as my main 9x rig. The integrated sound card drivers for Windows 9x don't work, so I've ordered a Sound Blaster Live! 5.1 sound card which should do the job, I'm also looking at getting a cheap AGP card, but that is optional as the motherboard graphics work fine (although only 8mb graphics memory, so gaming might be a bit sluggish). My main worry is the CPU itself, which is a beastly 3.2Ghz, I understand that I'll need to disable hyperthreading, do I need to worry about anything else when running at such a high clock speed? Thanks in advance.
  9. ...are doing? I ask this because it is by far my favourite version of Outlook. I have 2 accounts set up, my personal Gmail and my college email which is on an Exchange server. I don't open any emails that look dodgy (gmail appears to catch most of them anyway) and I'm very careful in general about what I open in Outlook. Am I okay to continue using it past the EOL?
  10. So as the title states, I took ownership of my iTunes folder on my Windows XP partition so I could access my music while using Vista. Now, however, I can't access the folder when I'm using XP. I just get an "Access Denied" message. I tried sharing the folder in vista allowing everyone to get full control but I still cannot access the folder. I hope someone can help! Thanks
  11. So I have a No-CD patch on my Age of Empires game(Don't worry, I do own a legit CD) and just a few minutes ago clicked in to play it. However, I happened to have the Monster Truck Madness game CD in the drive at the time, once the main menu of AoE came up, the Monster truck madness music started playing :L I'm sure this has been discovered before, but I thought it was both an amusing, and interesting occurence! Boy I love retro games
  12. AMD SATA Controller on Windows 2000?

    UPDATE: I tried the XP drivers and again it froze at the setup screen, I don't think I'm going to get it working on this laptop Thanks for all your help tomasz86!
  13. AMD SATA Controller on Windows 2000?

    It's a cheap stick I got from ebay, so yeah, thought as much, I do remember when using WinToFlash to copy XP onto the stick there was an option to format it as FAT16 LBA and that made it much faster, is there any way of doing that here?