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  1. This would be more genteel if you want to have a variable anyway @echo offSET KEY=HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\RunOnceExREG ADD %KEY%REG ADD %KEY%\005 /V 1 /D "reg import "%SystemDrive%\Install\Tweaks.reg""exit
  2. Hey darks0ul... look to the thread @ mydigitallife again.... i just was there and now i found this thread xD But you should have menioned, that the keys in the regfile have to be adapted to the hive from HKEY_CURRENT_USER\BLABLA to HKU\LoadedDefaultUser\BLABLA Cheers, Schiiwa
  3. I have here an Acer Aspire 5720G from another Girlfriend. I was able to boot to WinRE, but there where just the Standard-Options (no Recovery-Option)! ALT+F10 didn't do its job. To WinRE i bootet with F8-->Repair Computer. In the Root of the PQSERVICE-Partition (X:) there was a D2D32.EXE but i wasn't sure if this EXE should be executet through a routine (with switches for example)! So I went to RYTOOLS-DIR and restored the Factory-MBR with the following command: MBRWRWIN INSTALL RTMBR.BIN Now ALT+F10 works fine again and eRecovery will be shown Cheers.... Schiiwa EDIT:
  4. Good to know.... thx a lot
  5. For sure its a driver-issue... adding your driver should solve this issue... these drivers can usually be found on the manufacturer-dvd/cd/floppy or on the web-page of the controler/mainboard.... Cheers... Schiiwa
  6. Maybe it is not the intension of the creator of this thread, but in my opinion, it would be fitting in here, which services does open ports and accordingly have influence to the security? Or isn't it nessessary in windows 7 to disable services to be on the secure side? I know that there might be problems when disabling services... Sometimes the problems occur much later, for example when installing a new programm; thats why i didn't mess around yet! XP disabled a lot of its services with SP2/SP3... Cheers, Schiiwa
  7. You also have to load wimfltr with following command to use imagex within a pe: rundll32.exe setupapi,InstallHinfSection DefaultInstall 132 path-to-wimfltr\wimfltr.inf
  8. I would try to plug it into another machine... so u can definatly see, if the reason is the notebook or hdd! If the problem is the notebook, u could try a bios-update! And like tripredacus said, u could look for raid/ahci/ide-settings, but i don't think that there is the issue! On SATA-drives, there is no jumper for PRI/SEC, but maybe to adjust sata 1.5gb/sec... Maybe the HDD's never show up in the normal BIOS on this peticular notebook (and just in the RAID-BIOS), and u just need to include the SATA/AHCI-drivers ... which version do u try to install? Is SP1 already integrated?
  9. Just verified the partitions on the particular Windows 7-pc ... and this is the detail of the 1st partition taken with diskpart within Windows.. Partition 1 Typ : 27 Versteckt: Ja Aktiv : Ja Offset in Byte: 1048576 Volume ### Bst Bezeichnung DS Typ Größe Status Info ---------- --- ----------- ----- ---------- ------- --------- -------- * Volume 3 Recovery NTFS Partition 14 GB Fehlerfre Versteck Now I also remembered, that I set it active when creating it. It got ID27 and was set active before I installed Windows 7!!! this cannot be 100% true, because when i format OS-Partition, it also boots to winre without any windows-tools! Just when i remove the partition, winre is un/inaccessable... Why is windows that stupid!!! I just removed the OS-partition for testing... Taking the MBR.EXE won't help me, as the WinRE is already the active partition! Maybe I'm gonna try this partitioning or alternatively this one: - WinRE (hidden) - System Reserved (active) - Windows Of course this was related to imagex. Did you try that already. I could imagine that it works also with ID27 to capture or apply an image on or from an ID27-partition *not verified* EDIT: The attachment is the DISKPART script i used for the last configuration! Really strange that BOOTMGR or BCD insist on the Windows-partition and deny if not presend° CreatePartitions.txt
  10. Does anyone know if it is possible to boot the VHD, which comes along with the XP-Mode??? Would be a nice feature to boot XP this way without installing it from CD! I'm not able to test this right now...
  11. You already mentioned this at least 2 times, but i know that already, as the first experimentations happened under Vista, now i try to understand 7's Maybe i will try this layout and hope to be able to boot to win-r.e. without windows! I know that is possible, because i created successful a Recovery as the 4th partition (behind 1system-res.,2nd windows, 3rd data)... But i wanted to have no access to it to prevent it from viruses or incompetent access (remember, this PC is for my lil' brother) I now remember, that the location at the beginning is always mentioned in relation with the ID27-partition! When i tryed to give the ID27 to this 4th partition, my problem was, that i recaptured the Winre.wim, which wasn´t bootable. This created the failture at booting, but i thought the id27 is the problem... Question1: (don´t think this will work) Gremo used the 1st partition as active as u can see here: Is ist possible to set it active without booting in loops to winre?? Or is it just active because he booted to winre (thats what i expect, as he start with: "I'm booting into WinRE from and hidden partition." Question2: (should work because the new active part. would be the Sys.-Res. and not the windows one!?) Do you think when i use your suggestion to include a Sys.-Res.-Partition, will it be bootable without Windows-Partition and WITHOUT winpe to set it active manually? Additional: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc766149%28WS.10%29.aspx There it says: "To back up and to restore the Windows RE partition, the partition must not be hidden." so i should set the ID to 7 before capturing or applying the recovery-partition-image?? (i want to include this, to do the recovery from DVD in case of HDD-replacement)
  12. I recovered the deleted Partition with Testdisk just to see the behaviour on some other event... I tryed a few things, for example renaming the Windows-dir to BLA... and the automatic-windows-repair did not renamed it back to Windows, instead it adapted the BCD-entries to the BLA-dir. Good job windows-guyz... whats so difficult to search for a file or in the registry, where windows was installed But it booted to windows anyway, but nearly no services been available... Renamed it, after a funny windows-boot ... Anyway, this all doesn't matter to my question: This is another strange thing to me! Why should the WinRE-partition be the first? I 've read, that the main for this reason is, that there is the possibility to boot to winre, even if the OS-Partition gets corrupt! But why the h... won't it boot without Windows. All this could be simplyfied if the WinRE-Partition would ALWAYS be the active one!?? Isn't it the Case, that normaly the 100MB-partition is the active one? I have 3 partitions at the moment: 1st WinRE 2nd Windows Do i have to use 3 to make that work: 1st WinRE 2nd System-Reserved 3rd Windows?????? I ask because i think to remember that the System-Reserved is the Active one, isn't it? Slowly i begin to understand why u guys don't use the Windows recovery B) So i could have left the Recovery-Partition as the 4th one without ANY disadvantages!! P.S.: I have no access to the PC right now, but ... i'm sitting in front of a Vista-notebook, which has also a WinRE... I looked at the details of partition1(winre), and as u said, it is not the active one. But strangly here there are 2 BCDs, one on the Windows, and another one on the WinRE. The Mini-desktop with Windows 7 has just one on the recovery-partition!
  13. Hey guyz! Can't unterstand that as well. Maybe you used the reagent of the pre-SP1-Windows (7600). Mine always created the Guid-dir as subdir (7601). I now am using the first partition as boot/recovery-partition. Second is windows. Why does the system not want to boot, when deleting the second one? P.S.: The BOOT\BCD is stored on PARTITION1 (Windows did this when starting setup!)
  14. Have a look here: http://ss64.com/ I guess it could be useful
  15. .....delims==HERE_NO_SPACE" Set inifile=folderstore.ini Set txt1=%~n011.txt type %inifile% | find "Cabfolder1=">%txt1% :: Note: Current script able to work with space FOR /F "tokens=2 eol=; delims==" %%i in (%txt1%) do (set value1=%%i) if not defined VALUE1 (color 1A && echo Folder path not defined.) else (Echo %value1% ^<---is the preset folder.) echo. del %txt1% pause
  16. You don´t have to I found spoted that a disabled reagentc resets the BCD-ID to 000.....(in reagent.xml). I deleted the whole BCD and did a reset of my startupfiles with these: bootsect /mbr bootrec /fixboot bootrec /fixmbr bootrec /rebuild bcd TWICE The first time, everything went fine and I could re-enable it, because when I did the reset, the reagent was disabled. Btw. REAGENT also builds the nessassary BCD-entries for Rec.-Env.!!! The second time i obviously did the reset with enabled reagent, so the ID in reagent.xml couldn't find the ID in my BCD. It was also strange to me, that the rec.-env. entries didn't appear again in the BCD without creating them manually. I created them, but with another ID, so reagent still couldn't find the ID from the xml :rolleyes: Now, everything is discovered, also with the RecoveryOperation-parameter, you are right. So stupid that i interpreted it as the count, because i did 4 recoveries, when i looked in reagent.xml the first time Thx for the standby .... Schiiwa Also I don't like reagent very much, because it puts the winre.wim in this nasty GUID-subdir Just use it, to have the bootkey-option, because it uses 2 lines in BCD and i don't know how to create it manually!
  17. It's no problem to create the nessessary entries to force the system being able to boot to winre! But I want to make REAGENTC.EXE able to work! Solved it right now.... Had to replace C:\Windows\System32\Recovery\Reagent.xml with C:\Windows\Winsxs\amd64_microsoft-windows-winre-recoveryagent_31bf3856ad364e35_6.1.7600.16385_none_16c18f8b899480af\Reagent.xml then it worked again. The problem was, that in my reagent.xml was the old ID. If i've set it to 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000, i've probably been able to enable it. but i can't set back the "already made recoveries" to 0! REAGENTC /INFO still says Wiederherstellungsvorgang: 4! Any other value can be changed through ReAgent.xml (for example <OemTool state="0"/>, wich will have affect on the output of "reagentc /info") If i set <ScheduledOperation state="4"/> to 0, reagent won´t accept it (doesn´t matter whether i do that with enabled or disagled reagent) and if i disable or enable it, it is set to 4 again So how can i set it back again to 0? it's not dokumented anywere and i'm pretty sure, that reagentc /info doesn't take this Information from BCD
  18. You don´t have to show me, how the BCD looks like with or without RE-Entry And i have to disagree: Z:\Recovery>bcdedit /enum all /v Windows-Start-Manager --------------------- Bezeichner {9dea862c-5cdd-4e70-acc1-f32b344d4795} device partition=\Device\HarddiskVolume1 path \bootmgr description Windows Boot Manager locale de-DE default {a672b693-fd5c-11e0-8c9e-c1e0787e44b5} resumeobject {8c379756-fd54-11e0-a85f-806e6f6e6963} displayorder {a672b693-fd5c-11e0-8c9e-c1e0787e44b5} timeout 30 Windows-Startladeprogramm ------------------------- Bezeichner {a672b693-fd5c-11e0-8c9e-c1e0787e44b5} device partition=C: path \Windows\system32\winload.exe description Windows 7 Ultimate locale de-DE inherit {6efb52bf-1766-41db-a6b3-0ee5eff72bd7} recoverysequence {a672b694-fd5c-11e0-8c9e-c1e0787e44b5} recoveryenabled Yes osdevice partition=C: systemroot \Windows resumeobject {8c379756-fd54-11e0-a85f-806e6f6e6963} Windows-Startladeprogramm ------------------------- Bezeichner {a672b694-fd5c-11e0-8c9e-c1e0787e44b5} device ramdisk=[Z:]\Recovery\winre\Winre.wim,{ae5534e0-a924-466c-b836-758539a3ee3a} path \Windows\System32\Winload.exe description Windows Recovery Environment inherit {6efb52bf-1766-41db-a6b3-0ee5eff72bd7} osdevice ramdisk=[Z:]\Recovery\winre\Winre.wim,{ae5534e0-a924-466c-b836-758539a3ee3a} systemroot \Windows nx OptIn detecthal Yes winpe Yes Wiederaufnahme aus dem Ruhezustand ---------------------------------- Bezeichner {8c379756-fd54-11e0-a85f-806e6f6e6963} device partition=C: path \Windows\system32\winresume.exe description Windows 7 Ultimate locale de-DE inherit {1afa9c49-16ab-4a5c-901b-212802da9460} filedevice partition=C: filepath \hiberfil.sys debugoptionenabled No Windows-Speichertestprogramm ---------------------------- Bezeichner {b2721d73-1db4-4c62-bf78-c548a880142d} device partition=\Device\HarddiskVolume1 path \boot\memtest.exe description Windows Memory Diagnostic locale de-DE Optionen zum RAM-Datenträgersetup --------------------------------- Bezeichner {ae5534e0-a924-466c-b836-758539a3ee3a} description Ramdisk Options ramdisksdidevice partition=Z: ramdisksdipath \Recovery\Boot\Boot.sdi Now search this id.... fbf3595f-fce2-11e0-811f-a6936763aab2 and tell me where to find it
  19. Windows 7 x64 SP1 (with all updates) Yea... I ran it from windows also and it returns the following: C:\Windows\system32>reagentc /info Erweiterte Konfiguration für die Wiederherstellungsumgebung Windows RE aktiviert: 1 Windows RE bereitgestellt: 1 Setup aktiviert: 1 Benutzerdefiniertes Wiederherstellungstool: 1 WinRE.WIM-Verzeichnis: Wiederherstellungsumgebung: BCD-ID: fbf3595f-fce2-11e0-811f-a6936763aab2 Setupdateien: Wiederherstellungsvorgang: 4 Vorgangsparameter: Boot Startschlüssel-Abfragecode 0x8500 REAGENTC.EXE: Vorgang erfolgreich ausgeführt But where does it get the information from?? If i change any value in any ReAgent.xml.... C:\Windows\System32\Recovery\ReAgent.xml C:\Recovery\System32\Recovery\ReAgent.xml Z:\Recovery\System32\Recovery\ReAgent.xml It does not change the output of this command mentioned above! Here is some more output: C:\Windows\system32>reagentc /enable REAGENTC.EXE: Vorgang fehlgeschlagen: 57 C:\Windows\system32>reagentc /disable REAGENTC.EXE: Vorgang fehlgeschlagen: 2 Das System kann die angegebene Datei nicht finden. C:\Windows\system32>reagentc /setreimage /path Z:\Recovery\Winre\Winre.wim /target C:\Windows REAGENTC.EXE: Vorgang fehlgeschlagen: b7 Eine Datei kann nicht erstellt werden, wenn sie bereits vorhanden ist.
  20. OK.... i didn't understand the /unattend-switch for sysprep till now But want to use my EXE-->HTA-->CMD anyway.... Worked fine and had 4 successful recoverys in my test-procedure, yet ! But now ReAgent makes trouble and do not want to run! Can´t ENABLE/DISABLE/SET-A-SETTING. Also the suddenly appearing directory: Z:\Recovery\System32\Recovery Confuses me. It Contains the ReAgent.xml, which is normaly located at C:\Windows\System32\Recovery! But If I change any value in any of any ReAgent.xml, it doesn´t have affect on the output of: "Re-Agentc.exe /info" So where does ReAgentC.exe get the information which u can see with added /INFO - parameter? I can´t exacly say, what caused this behaviour. Maybe the ID=27 was no good idea, as the partition is not in front of the system's one. I've read all the documentations month ago, but I wanted to force a hidden recovery-partition Or maybe the fact, that I didn´t compress my WinRE-Image, which had over 500 MB, caused the problem. I think to remember that there is a limitation of the size of winre.wim. But I was on good spirits as everything went just perfectly, that I've had no doubts to change a few things at a time. Of course THEN the DOOM was happening (Maybe it's important to say, that I DIDN´T RUN THE RECOVERY at this time!! This is what I certainly did before: - exchanged the WinRE.wim - removed the letter and set ID to 27 (on partition 4 ) I have the reasonable suspicion, that I can´t avoid a Re-Install
  21. Im asking myself if it would have been possible to install the WIM with windows-setup (without answer-file), if I had set a /FLAG when i took the capture!??? Maybe anyone knows Bye and have a nice week-end!
  22. You should have read this before. That makes it much more easier to follow the thread
  23. OK, the FOR or a @ has to be there... just forgot it.

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