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  1. Oh crap how do I do this phone them? (Might get them to do my windows 8 key to upgrade to pro while i'm at it) last time I tried to sort this was...............fun! NOT!
  2. Just tried it via add features to windows 8.1 and getting a this key won't work message (I did buy the key cost me 6.99 UK money I have the proof)
  3. **** how do I edit the title Sorry I was kinda tired when I posted originally Sorted
  4. Hi folks. Hope we are all well Right I bought (genuine) a windows media center key for windows 8 for a old HP system (that system is dead as in gone) but I do have a brand new system. (8.1 installed as default) Now I bought a media center key for my old system but is it possible to re-use that key for the new system? Just wondering Sorry for confusing everybody I forgot media player/center are different from each other
  5. You chose Option 2. And it APPEARS that a "Windows.old" fold would indeed been created, thus "filling" your HDD - http://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/w8itprogeneral/thread/72bfccf8-c6c1-4bbe-88f8-284d9c6311d0/ My current hard disk as it is yep. Basically what I saying I was going to backup my current computer hard disk and back it up to my personal hard disk but that hard disk is full so that's not a option for me currently so I did the next best thing
  6. makes absolutely no sense and anyone else stumbling onto this topic will have no clue as to Your Solution. Let me have a look and get back to you (I know what I mean) but I do get confused with my words I choosed the just keep personal files option if that helps
  7. OK, so basically it "blew up" because it didn't have enough HDD Space to "preserve" the PREVIOUS Windows Installation in case you want to "Uninstall The Upgrade", correct? If so, you are aware that you now have no means to revert to the Windows7, right? No no NOT my actual hard disk. My backup drive incase I wanted to backup all my files I got currently. I got no space available on my portable to back that up. I have lost the pervious windows 7 install though yeah
  8. I just done a er..............you know keep files but not programs type of install. It worked (I didn't want to format completely as I not got the necessceary means of backup) I do have a drive available but it's full to the brim quite literaly and it not as if I can get rid of anything on it because I may not get it back
  9. Oh didn't know zip's we're allowed on here 1 for the future (I got a funny feeling I may be back soon)
  10. AHA! I did try and attach but it would not let me but I tried something and I am glad to say I now got windows 8 on my system
  11. Found it and attached it. This is VERY mysterious indeed! I tried via a USB install and again it got to the getting ready part and wham crashed EDIT: Maybe not! (If this is too long sorry) nutter.txt
  12. I must be mad wanting to go back to it But anyhoo: Bit of a weird one. Wondering if somebody could shed light. OK to I trying to upgrade windows 7 ultimate to windows 8 Pro (64 Bit and I have the 64 bit windows 8 Iso I made when I purchased the upgrade) So get past the first part's all fine everything seems OK it gets past the initial setup (finding devices getting system ready) Final reboot I think it is reboots into something (it's kind of like a BSOD) but can't tell as the screen goes messed up. All I see is blue screen with white lines what not and then windows reboots again and I get a windows installation has failed reverting back to previous version and wham back into windows 7. That don't seem right? My specs are (this machine) http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/Document.jsp?objectID=c03381126〈=en&cc=us&taskId=110&contentType=SupportFAQ&prodSeriesId=5258508
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