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  1. Does anyone have any resources that provide instructions on how to not only capture the c, but capture a d drivewhen using the osd?
  2. and by the way copy all files to the i386 dir as well...ris needs the flat file structure before passing control to pe
  3. when compiling to iso, use the -o switch also
  4. it would almost seem as if the image has to be writeable...it only works on write enabled media...hdd-ram, etc
  5. Here's something i think is better... http://www.xenocode.com it allows you to bundle all your "stuff" into one exe...works for me and the have excellent support. well worth the price.
  6. what doesn't make sense is that the exact same image on the c drive works perfectly fine...but put that image on cd or dvd and you get stuck at a black screen
  7. I got the cd to boot, but after the blank screen with the progressbar that scrolls from left to right, i have a black screen...anyone know why?
  8. modifying the registry is not recomended...add a file called winpeshl.ini
  9. try converting the jpg to png...sometimes depending on the version of the vb runtimes, it has a problem with jpg. Also a problem with the build scripts from ms with the winpe batch files was discovered where the err code or inverse of the wmi install happened.
  10. So it can or cannot be done... i know from hd it can be done, but i could not get it to work for cd
  11. AS with winpe 1.x, you had the option to load an iso image into ram using the server 2003 build, or not by using winxpsp2. With winpe 2.0, all the images i've seen load a wim into memory then execute it. Well, what if you just want to boot winpe2.0 with loading into ram? What is the procedure for this? Or is it even possible?
  12. nevermind, after exhaustive research and some uncommon sense...i've figured out what i needed...
  13. the files only are available as of 5472 i think...the latest one was released 8-21,no docs though.
  14. add all your drivers to the i386 directory...
  15. >net does not work in PE...try enabling WMI and trap errors...
  16. Not gonna be available for a while...but i read somewhere you can get the headers from the connect site...the /apply parameter doesn't work properly because, from the vbstandpoint, when an event happens that causes a freeze, the doevents command will allow the continuation of code flow...it doesn't happen in imagex...i also noticed this with imgdeploy.exe (from ADS) which came much earlier.
  17. With WINPE 1.6, there are no files to add...PE1.6 supports VB6 out the box...now if you call other stuff,for instance WMI or like scripting.filesystem, which rely on other controls like wscript, the you have to add that particular control...
  18. the drivers are not in the installshield package, rather in the iso in the C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Workstation folder... windows.iso Program Files\VMware\Vmware Tools\drivers folder... also follow : http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?...992&sd=tech Use method 3
  19. if you use a ramdrive,somethings to note are the use of a temp/tmp folder on a writable partition such as a ramdrive. these need to be defined as environment variables. Also make sure the drive letters aren't being remapped
  20. possibly because of the vbcrlf in c:\winpe_x8 6\winpe_x86.iso...

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