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  1. Download BDD 2007 and start reading up on Lite Touch. Download BDD 2007 Here BDD 2007 allows you to have a driver repository that Vista will look to when it is updating drivers in the PnP stage. BDD also supports doing this over the network. There is a ton of documentation included with BDD so don't be intimidated, you will slowly absorb stuff. Edit: Doh, helps to read the whole post....The XML question, you will need to use Lite Touch for a network based XML type situation. The driver issue you are talking about is a know issue with the way the drivers are updated. There is supposedly an update to BDD coming soon, hopefully they will include a fix for it.
  2. Here is a link to some step by step pictures of the Lite Touch Scenario. Lite Touch pics If your looks like this when you deploy an image then the application you select are automatically installed (provided you have the silent switch inputted).
  3. Have you looked into the Lite Touch scenario? It is part of the BDD 2007 suite that MS provides for Vista deployment. What you are describing is exactly what Lite touch does and a bonus you don't have to re-invent the wheel.
  4. Does anyone have any leads on how eschloss is able to "merges the entered machine name into the autounattend.xml via a vbscript"??
  5. Do yourself a HUGE favor and download and install BDD 2007 from HERE. It is FREE and will save you the headaches you are experiencing in this thread.
  6. Are you using the Windows System Image Manager from the BDD 2007 suite? I have mine set to False and the autologon works fine.
  7. Try making these FALSE <SkipMachineOOBE>true</SkipMachineOOBE> <SkipUserOOBE>true</SkipUserOOBE>
  8. Where are you putting the machine name in the autounattend.xml?? I am assuming you are just editing the xml from within WinPE and placing it on a share somewhere and having the build reference it there?? Can you be a little more detailed on how you are getting setup to use the modified autounattend.xml??
  9. I too was struggling with this issue until I got COPYPROFILE to work. Get everything setup the way you want it, add Printers, RUN, sidegadets, ect.... Search for img24.jpg (I think thats it), and rename it to img37.jpg. Name the wallpaper you want to be your default to img24.jpg. There should be 2 copies of this img24.jpg file on your system, so replace both this same way. See Display in the Microsoft-Windows-Shell-Setup component for the resolution issues <Display> <HorizontalResolution>640</HorizontalResolution> <VerticalResolution>480</VerticalResolution> <ColorDepth>16</ColorDepth> <RefreshRate>60</RefreshRate> </Display> Now perform your sysprep /generalize /oobe ect... The COPYPROFILE should copy all the settings minus the wallpaper. Once you apply the image and get prompted for a PC name, you should see your wallpaper as the first selection in the line of wallpapers to use. Select it and go on. Now if you logon, everything should be good to go. This is the only way i have been able to get it to work. When you are in the post image apply stage, and give the PC a name, you are prompted to select a wallpaper as well. This selected negates you themed wallpaper to whatever you selected. If you find a better way of doing this, please share!!! FYI: I am getting all this information from the BDD2007 documentation, if you haven't downloaded it already, you should. There is a lot of knowledge there. Good luck
  10. Ok, what you need to get your head wrapped around is that WDS is one of many component to BDD 2007. You use the Deployment Workbench to help with the Vista deployments. Supposedly you can also deploy XP with BDD 2007. I would suggest downloading BDD 2007 if you haven't already and reading the documentation on deployment. It will make much more sense after you read it.
  11. The interface for BDD allows you to download only the components you need. I am pretty sure WAIK is one of those components you can download. Check out the interface for the option to download.
  12. I think you are right!!! Version: 1.0 Date Published: 1/17/2007 Language: English Download Size: 27.7 MB - 55.3 MB* *Download size depends on selected download components. Overview The Solution Accelerator for Business Desktop Deployment (BDD) is best-practice guidance for desktop deployment. BDD is targeted at companies that want to reduce deployment time, effort, and cost by increasing the level of automation. It allows administrators to deploy desktops with Zero Touch and Lite Touch interaction at the target PCs. This solution also helps organizations move to a managed environment with standardized desktop images.
  13. Confirmed! It is gone, very weird. You would think they would have posted something to give a clue where they are in the process of releasing it or something.
  14. Wow, neat little command line tool, but I don't think this is doing what I need it to do. Basically I need a way to create a dialup connection shortcut for "all users" that dials the same number and shows up in Connections.
  15. Try using Nlite and slipstreaming your raid drivers into the CD.

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