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  1. And now I've some questions and a suggestion... First the questions: Is DriverForge able to search a folder recursively (also searching all subfolder)? Can DriverForge search and use a network drive? And now my suggestion: Making a silent mode in Driverforge (My wish is to use it in the WPI Wizard silent but with a progress bar and the drive letter as parameter like driverforge.exe /WPImode /X:) That's all from me for the moment ...
  2. Hi everyone, I'm working on a big concept for my new Alienware Highend-Notebook and doesn't know, if I can use WPI over a NAS (the partition would be mount as network drive) like it would be on a local drive or disk. Thanks a lot for answers ...
  3. Thanks for changing ... Oh, and you are making a very very very good product ...
  4. Just a little thing for the moment: Your Changelog "carries" the year 2007, not 2008 ...
  5. The only virtual disc burner (CD & DVD) I know is VirtualCD. It can do this since version 8. http://www.virtualcd-online.com/
  6. http://www.softpointer.com/WMPTagSupport.htm Works also in WMP 11...
  7. It would be very nice for the next releases if there can be a submenu for the context menu ...
  8. The Glossy Horizontal Theme still has the error with the "Manual" icon. And I can't find the fix on the forum.
  9. This post is written in german because it is a language specified bug: @Dynaletik: Ich gehe mal davon aus, daß du immer an den Sprachdateien für Deutsch bastelst. Und mir ist aufgefallen, daß du immer "Standart" schreibst. Aber richtig wird das Wort "Standard" geschrieben. Wäre nett, wenn du das ausbügeln würdest. Danke im Voraus.
  10. @Nuhi: Why have you removed the support for Sereby's Updatepack?
  11. I use a 2MBit ADSL line with flatrate. ISP is GMX who resells the lines of our former monopolist Deutsche Telekom (T-Online, T-Com, T-Systems, T-Mobile are the divisions of Deutsche Telekom). In the next weeks I get ADSL2+ with 20MBit Flatrate.
  12. Then: Get well. Your health is more important then the program !!!
  13. @gilesw: Does it mean, that you stop the development of the DPs by yourself?
  14. Yes, this was the first beta I got. And: Thanks for the instruction, now it runs
  15. Hi, I have the Beta 5 from Bashrat, but there isn't any kind of description how to use it correct. I put the Driver Packs (also the 3rd party Packs) into the folders where they have to be, but the fields for select the Packs are inactive (greyed) so it isn't possible to work with them. The Update Checker and the Slipstreamer can't use the Packs, too. Can someone help me, please?? Thanks a lot.
  16. Thanks for the answer. So I can kick this option for reduce my needed memory on BartPE away...
  17. Is there absolutly no chance to use WIM with XP? I hope it can run in BartPE....
  18. Hi, in UltraISO the option is at File - Properties. And there is the option "Optimize". This is what I mean. At CDImage and CDImageGUI I know they have the options, too. Perhaps mkisofs and tools which are based on mkisofs can do this, too. I never had made such a kind of disc (I'm still working on my 8GB-Multiboot-USB Flash Drive...) so I can't exactly say how to make the discs with the options. But still there is Google...
  19. Every ISO creation tool, which have options like "duplicate once" or similar, can reduce the needed size of the disc. They all use a hardlink function which is know from NTFS. On FAT file system it is called "cross-chained files" and on the Linux systems it is called "symbolic links". This means: If on your disc is a file i.e. notepad.exe which is five times there and all the five "notepad.exe" are EXACTLY the same file (check the hashes) then the tools create one real notepad.exe and at the other locations of the notepad.exe it creates only a special kind of link which says "I am notepad.exe" but it is only a link to the real notepad.exe. But the good thing is that the hardlink reacts like the real notepad.exe and the OS think there are 5 real notepad.exe and not only one.
  20. The download links to http://www.earlymorninghours.net aren't available.
  21. The download link still goes to version 6.01, not to 6.02.
  22. I found my Registry entries for this, but unfortunaly it is in INF syntax (it is a plugin for BartPE). But perhaps anyone can convert it. I tried to do it but I can't found webmedic's inf2reg tool in the WWW. Here are the entries: [software.AddReg] ; HKLM\SOFTWARE 0x0, "Classes\Drive\shell\cmd" 0x0, "Classes\Drive\shell\cmd\command" 0x1, "Classes\Drive\shell\cmd", "", "Eingabeaufforderung" 0x1, "Classes\Drive\shell\cmd\command", "", "cmd.exe /k "cd %L"" 0x0, "Classes\Directory\shell\cmd" 0x0, "Classes\Directory\shell\cmd\command" 0x1, "Classes\Directory\shell\cmd", "", "Eingabeaufforderung" 0x1, "Classes\Directory\shell\cmd\command", "", "cmd.exe /k "cd %L"" If you can convert it you only have to write your favourite Text where the bold text is. That's it.

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