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  1. I did all of that but i have the same problem as him. My unsigned theme get copied but i have to manually change it after install. Do i have to edit the theme file or can i jst copy it to the oem folder. Cant u download it and try and give me feedback? The theme. Stolen16Mx was used in xp dark edition just google for it
  2. Ok and in nlite at the themes tab. Should it be set as default,? Also i cant get my theme Stolen16Mx theme run at at startup. I think a dnt get the theme file right. Coz i know i have to edit it but the example given includes msstyles and my theme doesnt have it
  3. [VisualStyles] Path=C:\Windows\Resources\Themes\cbfield\cbfield.msstyles ColorStyle=NormalColor Size=NormalSize I DO NOT KNOW WHAT THIS MEAN MSSTYLES. I CANT SEE IT IN MY RESOURCES.THEMES FOLDER IF I JUST LEAVE IT LIKE THAT IT GIVES AN ERROR IN NLITE. Add this to your tweaks.reg file: - Thanks to DaveXP for this tweak [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Internet Explorer\Desktop\General]"BackupWallpaper"="c:\\windows\\web\\wallpaper\\xppaper.jpg""Wallpaper"="c:\\windows\\web\\wallpaper\\xppaper.jpg" I MADE A TWEAKS.REG FILE IN NOTEPAD BUT I DONT KNOW WHERE TO ADD/INTEGRATE IT IN MY NLITE INSTALLATION
  4. how do u create the $OEM$\$$\Web\Wallpaper folder????? There is already a $OEM$ folder when you go to explore option (just before you make the iso) in nlite do you just create a folder for Web and in that folder again for Wallpaper? where does the $$ come in and where exactly do i have to disble windows file protection?
  5. hi i can now succesfully do an unattended install with nlite in vmware with Stolen16Mx theme at startup. i still do not know how to get the wallpaper of my choice working. the desktop is black. also i have this specific icon pack "XpiCandy.zip that i want to replace with the default one at startup anyone can give me advice? LAST SESSION (205608.20-09.06.22).INI
  6. sorry i forgot. anyway i managed to get it right. please read what you quoted here and do it. I REMOVED THE CD KEY FROM THE LAST SESSION FILE BUT PLEASE HELP ME I TRIED ALL THE ADVICE I GOT FROM THE FORUM. HOW TO I GET THE DESKTOP WALLPAPER TO WORK DURING STARTUP LAST SESSION (205608.20-09.06.22).INI
  7. sorry i forgot. anyway i managed to get it right. followed the link i was given but cahnged it a little bit. also i managed to integrate a theme "Stolen16Mx" but dunno how to get the walpaper working. after installation the desktop is black
  8. Yep, wasn't that hard was it? It never hurts to try, and its something you should do in future. hi i managed to integrate Stolen16Mx theme in nlite and it shows at startup in vmware but the problem is the desktop is black. how do a get a wallpaper of my choice to show
  9. LAST SESSION_U.INI Bendfella, we cannot tell much without your Last Session.ini. Please attach it as requested in the BOLD RED letters above. Have you run nLite more than once against the same source? Always start with a fresh copy of your CD files/folders and run nLite only once. Enjoy, John. i it seemed to be the easy install from vmware 6 so i used custom install. but i get the same problem. here is my last session file.
  10. hi i dont know if i do something wrong. after using nlite to install an unattended xp image and i test it in vmware it still asks for the username and company what am i doing wrong at the unattended page in nlite. csteenkamp1@yahoo.com

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