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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. I finally just started over...reinstalled the Windows 98 system with the recovery disk, installed Win 98 Special Edition update, installed Works Suite 2002 (including Word 2002), reinstalled printer driver, wireless network adapter driver, and a couple of other drivers, all in that order, and system is working smoothly again. Thanks again for all concern and suggestions. Have not installed the FSFN upgrade but that is next.
  2. I've had to restore Win98 SE on another computer but am now having problems restoring all the original programs. Example: Reinstalling WORKS 2002 quits without installing Word 2002, leading me to believe Win98 files need to be updated first. However, I'm also unable to reinstall the Wireless USB Nework Adapter. The install quits without completing the install, probably for the same reason, so I can't get onto the internet to update Win98SE. Linksys did advise me to burn another copy of the installer but this comes up with Read Only attribute and it doesn't install either. Technically I'm a novice so there are a lot of things I don't understand about these problems. One, can I download this Win98SE update on another computer, burn it to a CD and then install it on the Win98 computer? The reason I ask is that it says it is "self installing." Doesn't that mean it will install as part of the download process and therefore I wouldn't be able to install it on the second computer? Second, I note that this update description says that it has ""Removed ATTRIB.EXE." The directions from Linksys say to use the ATTRIB.EXE to remove the Read Only from the download if I burn it to a CD. Don't really understand why but just wonder if I might need this feature but it will not be available. Appreciate any advice.
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