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  1. I recommended to add "SystemReg=0", *not* to add "Backup=0"... This registry problem rarely occurs on the some systems because of the new IO.SYS file (WINBOOT.SYS / Q311561). This update has a problem which is not fixed by Microsoft. A workaround is to add "SystemReg=0" into the MSDOS.SYS.
  2. Could you check your C:\MSDOS.SYS file? It must contain "SystemReg=0" line...
  3. It was discussed before. They're big, they have different versions, and some people don't like some of them such as Media Player 9 (I don't like it, too ). However, I can include updates for some of them, especially for IE 6.0 SP1. @Lunac: It works on my test system. On the other hand, I strongly recommend that, you should backup your system (You can use Emergency Recovery Utility for a quick and simple backup).
  4. You can easily add a popup message with IExpress.
  5. * New INFEX is improved much. The ugly BATCH window has gone (No RUNPOST.BAT). * Slipstream support is improved. * Windows 2000 icons and color scheme will only be installed if you choose "Windows 2000 Theme". * Unofficial updates are added such as UPDATE.SYS, VOLTRACK.VXD and KRNL386.EXE. Of course, there is some new official updates.
  6. Simply install the current version over the BETA 3. Don't forget the close all open programs.
  7. * Try much lower MaxFileCache setting. 128 MB: MaxFileCache=131072 * Also try to decrease AGP Aperture Size from BIOS.
  8. No. It will be resolved in the next version.
  9. IE6SP1 has a bug about this update, it just removes this information during setup. So, I recommend that you should install USP2 after installing IE6SP1.
  10. @plop: This is a normal situation. Because 982ME installs some newer WinME files. I think keeping newer files is a good idea. But you can re-install latest 98SE2ME after installing 98SESP to make sure that everything is OK. mamas6667: Thanks for the info.
  11. Additional ideas: * Did you install latest firmware for your CD-writer ? * Did you try to update Nero's ASPI, too ? * Did you disable the "AutoRun" setting of the CD-writer ?
  12. Do you mean SPOOL32.EXE or SPOOLSS.DLL? I mean SPOOLSS.DLL. But you can try both of them, too.
  13. * Did you install Adaptec's ASPI ? * Did you install AMD IRQ Driver ?
  14. It should not be a problem of ASPI layers, because Nero has own ASPI layer, and it does not use Adaptec's ASPI. * Did you install your latest IDE drivers for your mainboard, too? * Check that your CD-ROM drivers' DMA is enabled. * Look at your CD writer's manual, what do they recommend about master and slave settings ?
  15. In fact, I don't like to add any 3-rd party program into the SP. But, Notepad is an exception. So, I wonder your opinion about Notepad replacements. Thanks.
  16. Please look at this topic.
  17. It was only an idea, but I removed it from the list. Thanks for the feedback.
  18. Could you try the OLE files from IE 6.0 SP1? They are in the OAINST.CAB and their version is 4518.
  19. In fact, the first (98 SE SP) is the main product of this forum 98 SE SP 2.1a: Win98 Second Edition Service Pack, contains 120+ fixes and some tweaks for Win98 SE. 98SE2ME: It copies some Win ME files into Win98 SE. Requires Win ME CD. Win 98 Rev. Pack: It enhances Win98 SE visually and adds some new features such as New Task Manager. Installation Guide: Installation order of these products. Maximus-Decim NUSB: Generic USB driver for mass storage devices such as USB flash disks.
  20. Thanks WebMatze. It looks like a language problem. Does anyone have this problem in English Win 98 SE? @swgreed: It looks like DSOUND.DLL problem is similar. Please, add these two lines for DSOUND.DLL and COMPOBJ.DLL to solve "in use" problems.
  21. Try this: COMPOBJ.DLL,,COMPOBJ.TMP,4 Also try to add a line to Copy.Sysbckup: COMPOBJ.DLL,,,4 Please let me know the result.
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