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  1. 512 Ram

    Ok, placed back in the old ram, 2 sticks of PC3200 with 256 MB each. Everything works fine. Note: I did not modify my system.ini file, so it is still set with "[vcache] MaxFileCache=524288" and "[386enh] MaxPhysPage=40000" Gape and LLXX, I'll try those fixes tomorrow. Thanks, Cee Nelson
  2. 512 Ram

    I just installed the ram. A 1 gig stick of PC3200 with timings of 3-4-4-8, single channel. Booted up the computer windows loaded fine. Tried to open a game to see if the system was stable and it wasn't. Game crashed and windows froze, rebooted and tried the same thing, again a crash but system didn't freeze. Then I changed some setting on my system.ini file. Modified [vcache] to include MaxFileCache=524288. Reboot and the same problems occurred. Then lowered "MaxFileCache=524288" to "MaxFileCache=524200" I did this because some people recommended lowering the last value a bit. Again same problems, games crash windows stays up and running. Lastly I checked [386enh] MaxPhysPage=40000 under the system.ini file. Reboot, same problems. I am running windows 98SE modified with UNOFFICIAL Windows98 Second Edition Service Pack 2.1a from exuberant software. AMD 2700, 1 gig of ram PC3200 single channel, 120 gig hard drive, ABIT NFS7-S2G motherboard, 400W power supply. In the next hour I will be placing back in my two previous sticks of PC3200 256 MB ram, and seeing if the problems go away. If I can't seem to solve this problem, then it looks like I'll have to switch to XP
  3. 512 Ram

    Thank you both. As for my system specs I am running an AMD 2700, Abit NFS-S2G motherboard which supports up to 2GB. I believe first we will buy 1 stick of 1 GB ram, maybe in the future we will buy another stick. Thanks, Cee Nelson
  4. 512 Ram

    I have been using the UNOFFICIAL Windows98 Second Edition Service Pack (not sure of version) from exuberant software on 2 home computers for a couple years. For Christmas my brother got some computer money and wants to upgrade from 512 MB of ram to at least 1 gig. I searched the forums but didn't find a definitive answer saying that this could be done. But I did notice on the main page "http://exuberant.ms11.net/98sesp.html" that one of the first featured bullet is "Solves 512 MB of RAM problem." Could someone give me a definitive answer as to whether UNOFFICIAL Windows98 Second Edition Service Pack 2.1a will support at least 1 gig of ram, and if so what is the maximum amount of ram that it will support? Thanks, Cee Nelson