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  1. comedypedro

    Playing .mov and .rm in MCE

    Well XP MCE should run that app fine but what I meant was can we get the media center application itself to play these file types. Youre confusing MCE the operating system with Media Center. MCE is basically XP pro with a facelift and a few extras, whereas Media Center is an application that comes with MCE and is basically a front-end for Media Player 10 that allows you to use the remote. I checked that link and VLC dosent support Real files anyway, for the same reason no other player does - its a propriety format owned by Real Networks and they want you to buy/use thier player only. Ok Media Player Classic works but Im not sure if it legally does so!!!
  2. comedypedro

    Playing .mov and .rm in MCE

    Whats VLC???
  3. Ive noticed several several instances of something like drwtsn32.dll (cant remember exactly, im at a different machine at the mo) running when I bring up Task Manager. So is this normal cos it seems to make things less stable?
  4. comedypedro

    Playing .mov and .rm in MCE

    Thanks guys, I'll try those suggestions. I used to use Winamp for these files but now it would be good to be able to watch thru MCE cos Im lazy and like the remote!! I tried a bunch of converters a while ago and the results were less than satisfactory but I'll give QT pro a look
  5. Its possible to get Media Player 9 to play real and quicktime files, anyone have any ideas as to how to get Media Center to play these files?? AFAIK media center uses media player to play stuff so its theoretically possible. Failing that, does anyone know a good converter cos the ones Ive tried are rubbish!!
  6. comedypedro

    Remote control question

    Thanks ji46, Ill check that out
  7. comedypedro

    Hardware MPEG encoders

    Thanks Raskren
  8. Ive read that MCE records TV in some new MS propriety format, does this mean that its pointless to buy a TV tuner with hardware MPEG encode?? Ive also read that the MS format can be converted to MPEG or another format but the quality is greatly reduced?? Has anyone any experience of this? Thanks
  9. When watching videos the fast forward button dosent do anything and the skip ahead button moves ahead in jumps of 30 seconds but if I hold the skip button for a few seconds it jumps right to the end of the file! Its annoying please help!!