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  1. Format the Drive and start again, It's the only answer.
  2. Format The Drive and Start Again, It's the only Answer
  3. cottonlane

    Windows 8.2

    As the windows 8.2 Update is coming by windows update in March. Is there any pre-requisite do you have to be on Windows 8.1 Running already, or will it upgrade from Windows 8?
  4. When are we likely to see windows 8.1 32bit version? Already donated but can not use anymore.
  5. The old version of Glass8 Must be uninstalled before the move-up to windows 8.1 32bit, because leaving on the system, causes untold problems when the computer is shut down for the first time. Screen flashing and will not load the new system.
  6. Yes I'm Sorry about that, It's My Documents Library and other personal stuff. Just installed a program that Displays My Name on the welcome Page But It Is Spelled Wrong But I don't Know How to Correct It, Or Where to Begin Looking Hope You Can Help? Where Would the original information That I gave to Windows At the installation Stage Be Kept and How Can I Change It?
  7. When I installed Windows7, I must have spelt my Name wrong in the set-up process. And Now everything is coming with that Spelling mistake. Have deleted User Account but nothing happens, it is still there. It must be in the reg or a file in the OS does anyone know how to sort this out without having to reinstall Windows? Thanks in Advance, Shaun....
  8. That's Brilliant Lads, Thanks a lot. That's why I like posting here. Because you always get a strait answer. Thanks a lot....
  9. Do you need to Dfrag a SSD and how often, I was using MYDefrag on a daily basis on a normal HDD but Now that I have changed over to this SSD I don't know what the Score is. Anybody Know?
  10. Is Anybody having trouble downloading and installing the windows live beta? it will not install on my system. Error message 0x00426090 all the time how the hell are you supposed to test it if you can't even install it?
  11. Why won't windows live beta install?

  12. Is there any way of reinstalling media center in windows 7 ( files are missing) without having to reinstall all of windows 7 home premium
  13. just clean the vents out with the Hoover, happens to me on numerous occasions. A quick blast with the vac and its done for another six months or more
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