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  1. deeply sorry Mister AaronXP(!) Besides I've not played it and the games above I have so... Suppose you'll beat me around w/ a stick in couple of weeks time.. sigh
  2. Due to me and AaronXP having different ideas which strategy game rocks more! Warcraft III is your daddy.
  3. think you might be better off formatting if you want the task manager tbh Altho, the pre-beta and the release version is kinda different these days
  4. I'm a devout q3'er and from hearing that I can easily recongise that. Your connection speed is too high, set it lower, you can find it in System - Network in q3.
  5. canny


    no offence but cs sucks :-p
  6. This is a well known Windows 2000 / XP problem, there's some fixaround for nVIDIA / ATi Radeons with refresh rates set, but nothing beats Win98's "optimal" refresh anytime sadly! -- canny
  7. LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL it defines the "hardcore flight sim user" -- canny
  8. In some games, you can set the configuration to what resolution you can have, but again in win2k or xp, it always set the refresh rate to 60hz, and hence the funny positions on the monitor, so sometimes the refresh fix does work! /me slaps Microsoft, get on to making refresh thingie like in Win98! --- canny

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