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  1. In my few years of tech work, if the drive is even 'sorta' failing, then it is failed and no more work is necessary until the faulty hardware is replaced. Anything else is a bandaid on a broken arm. Just my $.02...
  2. Windows 7 Pro x64 120 GB SSD 3.2 Ghz Phenom2 x4 CPU 16 GB DDR3 RAM ASUS M4A87 MB
  3. Dloading now... THANKS MAN! No chance you're into Vista at all is there?
  4. Wondering what my next step will be... played Nascar Racing 2003 Season for about 6-7 years now and interest is waning with race leagues disappearing as well. Clearly there are options, with iRacing and rFactor, but I'd like to hear some opinions before I go and pay to play or even just buy a new game. Any thoughts?
  5. Oh man, I hope you decide to put something together... I hate having to sort through and download each one manually! Keeping an eye on this forum...
  6. I have successfully built a 32 bit unattended install disk for Vista, but when I try the 64 bit, the very first runthrough bloats the WIM file to 4.4GB... any ideas? Is there something that I should do to VLite to stop this? Thank you again in advance!
  7. I have run into the issue of the Vista WIM file being over 4gb and I am aware now that it should be less to work correctly. My question is this: How are we to manage the size of this file and what are the components that have the greatest impact on it's size? Is there a way to remove some of the installations from the disk? Can the WIM file be reduced in size after it is created? Thank you very much in advance. Sterlin
  8. Simply awesome. Thank you very much! The other Win7 thread is being phased out as posted... if I have SP1 installed, then this is the update list that I should watch yes?
  9. Very good news! I'm ready to get a new install disk going and hopefully I can get updates AND IE8 on all versions... we'll see.

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