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  1. I have created new Windows XP x64 installation as always using latets WPM11 slipstreamer, but this time, after OS is installed WMP11 is unusable. Skin is missing a lot of elements and nothing seams to work. Only few buttons are visible, and they are all overlayed together and I can't click anything. I have added all hotfixes from the list from your webiste. I have tried process 3 times and everytime is the same, tested with virtual machine and live install. Before I splipstream this, I used RyanIntegrator to slipstream 5eraph's Windows XP x64 post-SP2 Update Pack version 2008-11_1. Any ideas what could be causing this? Maybe some of the hotfixes for WMP11?
  2. But this will also install only 64bit portions of both 2.0 and 3.5. On x64 Windows 32bit part from the article will fail installing, I have tested that recently. And for the most applications there will be no problems, since NET applications are usually build for 'Any CPU' platform. But if you have NET app that is x86 built then you can't run it with only 64bit NET. I am a .NET developer and we had this problems with our test custom built machine with integrated 64bit NET that was missing x86 parts. So, the only way for not to install both x86 and x64 is to use MS full dotNETFX installer. Until someone finds a way to integrate both x86 and x64 parts for integration in Windows XP 64bit, I am sticking to full installer.
  3. Unfortunatly, for Windows XP 64bit there is only one sure way of installing NET 3.5, and that is using original MS dotNETFX isntaller with built in 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5 (SP1 installer is released few months ago), because you need to install both 32bit and 64bit components to be sure that all apps will work. There is evn slimed down b4bit NET for direct integration, but it's only 64bit. I have tryed all the available methods, and the only sure way is to add full 200MB installer with silent switch to be installed during first boot.
  4. Thanx. I downloaded and unpacked it and it's the same files as in the 'old' installer. I don't see a point of releasing that in the first place, but it's Microsoft, so things don't have to have a point at all.
  5. MS recently released updated version of WMP11 that should already includes past hotfixes. Can anyone confirm that slipstreaming will work and what about hotfixes?
  6. Sorry, I've been busy last week or so. I will upload my proilfe files tonight.
  7. I use offical OEM Windows XP 64bit Pro SP2 English. I will post my preset file later today. I did make another built with 1.4.8 And after installation, windows is started normally. I then restart Windows, and after restart before login screen I get a message that Windows is not fully installed and that computer is going to restart. After restart, same message.
  8. And what about my problem? Any ideas? I have been working with unattanded installations for years, and I have tried to create working X64 installation with nLite 1.4.8 for last week or so, and only one of the installations were working. And even then, RunOnce didn't get executed. With same nLite profile file 1.4.7 version is working fine.
  9. I have a problem with Windows XP x64 SP2 and nLite 1.4.8. I created installation with same settings as always (no problems with previous versions). But now, when GUI part of installation starts, I get an error stating that installation can't find files needed for installation. It doesn't say which files, but it won't allow installation to continue.
  10. I got the same error message about Intel drivers. And I am using SP2 and not SP3.
  11. I have WinXP 64bit SP1, and after SP2 is released I have installed it. And I wanted then to install Office 2007. I had no other MS Office installed, I use OpenOffice. So, I tried to install Office 2007 Enterprise. I choose components to install, and installer starts installing. But after few minutes doing nothing, installer shows folder selection dialog and wants me to point to the folder where Office installation is located. I do that, and after a while, I get that dialog again. And on and on, it refuses to install. WinXP and Office are legit volume licence version, on my company computer. So, everything should work, but it doesn't. Any ideas why? Maybe I should try to install fresh version of WinXP64 with SP2 slipstreamed? Regards, Milan
  12. I have downloaded this NET pack, and all files are working. Thanx for this great addon.
  13. And all we need to do is to add this in nLite, and nothing more? Everything is fully automated or what?
  14. After few tries, all I get is 'app.7z' file and it is not the installer, jast 7z archive. I think that SOF should make an exe file for silent install, but it doesn't. How to make it work? Millan
  15. Hi, I mostly need .NET Framework 1.1. But can I install 2.0 and not loose 1.1? How goes for compatibility of this two? Any suggestions? Millan
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