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  1. Is the key i got from MS Connect supposed to expire? I thought that they dont expire.
  2. Hi, I have rebuilt a PC and i backed up the Outlook Express .wab Address Book. However it wont seem to load the contacts back into it. At first i thought it may have something to do with the XP sp3 upgrade so i unistalled that an tried again without any luck. The closest thing I have found is This link But that doesnt work either. Any suggestions?
  3. I have called Microsft twice and they have given me 2 different activation codes and both times they have failed. What am i doing wrong? Or are they getting it wrong?
  4. Im in Sydney Australia, but when i first build my Windows Home Server rig, i registered it and all was well until i couldn't access it at all and i had to reinstall everything again. But the validation is failing as its saying that the key is already in use. All the hardware is the same. What is the easiest way to rectify this. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi, Happy New Year! I have just set up network printing on my home lan. I can successfully print a test page and a webpage but anything like a 5mb picture fails and gives me the ' remote downlevel document' error. Citing that the Printer is not responding. What should i do to rectify this? Thanks in advance.
  6. Is there a registry hack to change the default location for the Common Files?
  7. just revisiting this thread to see if anyone can contribute. Thanks
  8. Sorry, i forgot to mention that i do not have an exchange server at this time. Its on the wish list, but this it only for a 2 person office. I have found some software that sounds like it may do the job such as 'groupware' or 'ShareO' (previously ShareOutlook) but i cant find anyone decent reviews. Plus i use Iambic Agendus which i really like as it adds features to Outlook 2003 without modifying the pst file, so hopefully the software that will allow me to share the calendar and task lists also does not modify the pst file. Any other suggestions ?
  9. Does anyone use an online ToDo list? or Task Manager? Preferably one that can integrate with MS Outlook? Any suggestions is appreciated?
  10. Every time i try to load the Bluetooth driver it says it fails as the driver was built for Win95??? This is a brand new notebook BenQ S61 1.66 Duo Core and i cant believe that its having this problem. Any tips or help please?
  11. Hi Takeshi, The only one i really messed up was the program files. but id like to be certain for all documents and settings including 'my documents' and shared documents - Local settings. as well I believe i have the othrs down pat.
  12. Perhaps i should initiate a rebuild and i can list the changes that i want to make. I know most of them, but as this thread has indicated, i adjusted the wrong one and have this minor mess. My set up is C: XP pro sp2 (lean as possible, keeping all temp files and non OS files on other drives) D: programs (i want d:/program files/ as teh default folder install location) E: data (which includes the - all documents and settings including 'my documents' and shared documents - Local settings. - temp file folder location - page file/swap file - common files - temporary internet files - downloads - $ntservicepackuninstall$ (hidden folder) - Outlook pst files. If you can help me with a definitive list that would be great! What i usually install XPpro sp2 (using an nlited and slipstreamed disc) then make these registry changes, then run XP updates a few times to catch all the updates. Then i install Office XP and install all the updates then i do the all the other programs.. Eventually i want to be able to make a ghost of the OS drive and if anything crashes, i can then just re-install that OS partition. ( i havent learnt that one yet?) Takeshi and Playsafe, i realy appreciate your help with this post!
  13. In Start->Programs-->Firefox What is Firefox up there, an application or a folder? I am getting a little confused now. Here is my start menu and by looking at the properties of Mozilla Firefox (Not the application but the containing folder at start menu) Its an image of a folder, however the contents are the same when i go start>programs> Firefox It wouldnt let me take a screenshort of the programs menu, so i took it of the contents in the folder, which all the files are originating from.
  14. I have attached the a sample from Firefox. this is the list of files i see when i click Start>Programs>Firefox The same happens with all other programs. files.doc
  15. I do know about the registry, but i had gotten this part mixed up. Thats all. Perhaps its time for another rebuild???
  16. i have changed the registry back but all the extra files are still there!!??and im worried that if i uninstall it will screw up cause the registry is looking elsewhere
  17. i have changed the registry back but all the extra files are still there!!??and im worried that if i uninstall it will screw up cause the registry is looking elsewhere
  18. This is currently set to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs and did not fix teh problem This is now set back to C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs But which registry hack is it so that all new programs are installed into D:\Program Files What else could there be?
  19. Yes, that looks familiar. If i rectify this setting, will i have to move any files? Im hoping that the program file list will be inplace at the as per the registry you listed above. Note: i had originally changed it because i have my programs installed to the D drive.
  20. For some reason, i have managed to point this registry to my D:/program folder and it it listing all the programs in that folder rather than only the links to the programs.
  21. After my 2nd rebuild in just as many days, im suspecting that its more likely a problem with the software from Nuance (PDF Converter 2 Proffessional) I will load it onto my sons machine which only has games on it, so a rebuild is less impacting.
  22. My pagefile.sys was almost 800mb on its own! As a non-exhaustive list : page file (preferrably on a different physical drive, for performance reasons) 'my documents' Infact the whole user profile from documents and settings can be moved I believe (search for it). temp files (go to System Properties -> advanced -> environment variables, and change the 'TEMP' and 'TMP' variables in both the user and system areas to point to another drive. Note you will probably have to change the user setting for each individual user you have) Once you have done this and rebooted you can clean out the original directories (in windows\temp and in C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Local Settings\Temp) Temporary Internet Files (IE) IE -> tools -> Internet Options -> Settings. Change the path here to somewhere else. Of course, use nlite to cut down the size in the first place! Other Points : remove all the *.pnf files (NOT .INF!) from the windows\inf directory - these mount up after a while, they are recreated as required. I am sure there are more that others can add to this. Personally, I would like to find a way to change the default uninstall location for Windows Update (when using the website I mean) to something other than the windows directory. Hope that helps SP. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> After a rebuild today, using my nlite and slipstreamed XPpro sp2 disc, i am at 820mb for my OS, I will report back again with the size after all the XP updates
  23. no clicking, im certain the HDD is 100% (all of them infact) for a moment i was thinking maybe the PSU wasnt coping but 450W is ample for 4hdds, 1CDRW 512mb ram2 case fans and 2.4Ghz cpu
  24. Ok, i have cleaned out the dusty guts of the PC, and refitted all the connectors. What happens when i power on the PC is that you hear the HDDs spool up and then you see the Windows logo witht he blue bars animation then the monitor flicks off, like it going to refresh then you hear the more HDDs spool up and that when you hear everything spool down and the monitor clicks again, and the whole things loops over and over. My mobo is an Asus P4P800MX-SE using a 2400Mhz cpu, onboard graphics and audio. 4xhdds and a 450W psu. been working solid for the past year. there is no post beeps and when i hit TAB on boot up there are no Post errors displayed. Anything else i can do?

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