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  1. Im making an unatteded install DVD. Going to use that as the Install for new PC's. After the install, I do the ghost image, as always. There is other apps that are equally good I guess but I have yet to try, I heard ImageDrive is an app that actually compresses the image more than Ghost, go figure, im just use to using the ghost by now. Recently got me new hardware and I had to try if it boots up with the ghost image from the older PC, it didnt. Maybe there's a workaround for that, but now I find the Custom Unattended more interesting, maybe because it will work on most PC's and I can Customise the setup too. "Normal" install from my XP Pro cd takes some time but thats not all, I also have to install them apps I like, firefox, incredimail, firewall/antivir, huge audio-apps (samples up to gigabytes) and of cource, tweak the helll out of it, disable most of the services I dont need etc. and that will take a lot of time if done manually. Ghost image takes about 10 to 20 min. to throw on the partition, depends on the size, and it can be burned on several cd's or dvd-r's, which is cool if one has many gigabytes of extra programs. The next move now is for me to make a Xp Pro unattended booting from a dvd so I can automatically install my favorite apps, all of them. I got a unattended CD that works allready, was pretty basic, but now I want more, he he, custom Setup screen with all the bells and whistles... I know I could strip down the Xp a lot to make a room for my favorite audio apps, but I wont, I want to have the opportunity to install Win. Components later if I needed. Sounds a bit silly but thats the way things are. Simply, Ghost is pretty easy and fast to use, perfect way of making a backup, but my Unattended install will probably work better on other PC's etc. laters...
  2. Cool. Allthought the point about "official" drivers is not really valid in my opinion as they do very little support for them. If the folks at the soundblaster would do their stuff like ,say, nVidia or ATIs regarding their screengard drivers there pretty much wouldnt be any need for projects like kX or similar. Personally I dont have a use for kX drivers anymore since my hardware is different now, but I must say that during the time I did use them, they was kicking a** all the way. They did work in Games or whatever I was doing and they do work better than any "official" drivers I've used with my soundblaster card. Straight after the install/reboot. Keep on the good work on your DriverPacks. Gotta love 'em. laters...
  3. Just got me into these Driver Packs on here and im planning to use some of them. Great work ppl doing here, gotta love it. I didnt have the time right now to read through all 18 pages so im just gonna be an a** and assume this is a "new thing" for the sound scene here: Soundblaster makes Soundcards allrite but their way of making Drivers for it, or atleast releasing new drivers, fixing issues etc. has been somewhat lame. So, I got me an older soundcard (Live! Platinum) which I was using for my home recording etc. for several years. Now I finally got me a new PC so this isnt really an issue for me anymore but I thought maybe we got some ppl here who are using a Blaster card and making music with Cubase or similar app. If you have a SoundBlaster card and you want other drivers to try, check kZ Project page for an alternative drivers. Those drivers worked really well on my SB Live! Platinum I dont have first hand experience of Audigy cards but I guess they should work on most SB cards. And tell you the thruth, I wont be buying Sounblaster for an audiocard no more. I think their policy for the Drivers suck bad enough it is just not worth it. (think of it kinda like having a Formula1 car and then fill it up with Regular Loaded gasoline, hehheh... talkin' bout drivers....) The main difference between the these drivers is that kX drivers gives you a chance to route the audio signal and have much more control how the card works. Atleast it did on my card. The latency of the signal is waaaay better on kX drivers. You get the Mixer and Teh Panels and themsome additions to play with also. These routing issues and all that are really usefull for folks who uses SB card to record music. Also, kX drivers are free and they are working on new, better drivers all the time. I think they are Open Source too. Summary: If I was to make a Cab for Audiocard, I would use kX-drivers for SoundBlasters. Just my 2 cents here Keep in mind that if you have an Sounblaster card and everything is working fine, you dont "have to" do anything. If its not broken, dont fix it. The kX drivers could be very good alternative for folks who do recording at home. ...laters taters.
  4. Ah, thanks a lot. I found the key now. I'll be back here if I dont make the install work for me ...laters.
  5. Hey hey. Im new here so I just have to ask some more questions about this, its a tradition, really. I got just about everything lookin good on the folders to make the ISO, using RunOnceEx.cmd to install some apps and the registry tweaks, just like the amazing guide says... Going to test it on the VMware Workstation later. The last app. I want to be installed, before the the reboot is also BitDefender 7.2. So, how exactly im gonna go about this if you ppl dont mind me asking? Here's some things that are currently on the shade in my brains: I have the BiDef. installed allready in my PC, where do I find the key? In registry perhaps? If so, where? I did a search but I didnt find it and I assume im looking in the wrong places... Whats the talk about win.ini file? And the sfx? Self Exracting something-something...? I got a feeling there's something about this I have completely missed... It would be great if some of you could tell me how exactly you go on about the install. Cheers.

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