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  1. By interactive I only meant that like the Linux firewall, one that allows me to selectively,either per session or permanently blacklist an annoying IP address. As stated before, both the one in Mandriva and the one I use right now for W2k,Ghostwall supply stats that you can see where the various port scan attackers hail from. Mandriva's allows for setting blacklisting. Ghostwall is just static though, you can write new rules for it but it just blocks and some times is overly aggressive by just cutting everything off, throwing your browser and email programs into offline mode and requiring a reboot to resume. Like Kerio, GH is rule based but no longer supported. You may be right, older OS, needs older solution. I'm going to give NetVeda a try, newer than Ghostwall but it too seems no longer supported.
  2. I did a search: http://www.msfn.org/board/index.php?app=core&module=search&do=search&fromMainBar=1 and don't want to do a necropost, just curious as to what people here use. All I know of firewalls are what is on majorgeeks. Just looking for an interactive one similar to the one in my Linux installations. Currently using Ghostwall but it is old and not interactive, though you can see the stats on the main dialogue and call up boxes that reveal where the pings come from but unlike the Linux one it doesn't allow a blacklisting of IPs that do a port scanning attack. A lot of this crap these days seem to be coming from mainland China. Ghostwall can be a little over sensitive some times, kicking my Firefox or Thunderbird while in 2000 to offline mode, then even the "Speed-O-Meter" utility goes and can't connect with Cymphonix ' own server, requiring a restart. I only ask as I recently [November] gotten into downloading the TV shows and movies I've missed. As I only have an antenna [and two ATSC tuners] no cable or satellite and my streaming sucks, the combo I use allows for d/l'ing .avi files instead of streaming, which I do when I sleep or go to work since both download managers will shut the computers off when done. I've had the worst luck with BWC's patches so much so that I've given up on WMP10 and went to using VLC media player portable, along with the rest of the available PortableApps Suite. Both Privatefirewall and the PC Tools Firewall Plus are listed as 2000 compatible but each time I tried [an install] I get clear-as-mud error messages about not being able to access some library dll, [the former, one memory-like address code but my memory has been tested, each stick is good and clean ram] so I wonder if the authors have dropped 2000 support. Therefore I have reverted to using Ghostwall instead but it does have the smallest file size of any. NetVeda looks promising (its from 2007) and even still supports Win'98. Anybody here use it? Sygate has been mentioned and is in the list but is even older then Ghostwall. majorgeeks page http://www.majorgeeks.com/download.php?id=34 Whatdaya think? Gotta work, so won't be back 'till Thursday the 30th.
  3. A lotta work Phen! I'm just happy when I get a system working!
  4. It would have been easier to simply go Mozilla[eg. Firefox/Seamonkey] and use the "Default User Agent" utility/add-on. Konqueror and the Gnome version have it built-in. As for the O.P.,I wouldn't try to build anything more than a dual core for W2k because I was warned about the P4 and didn't listen{performance wise-despite the higher clock speeds} day to day handling wasn't much better than a P3! There is so much crap now that drives the CPU to 100% but I wanted[at the time] to use the MDP-130 in this workstation to play DVDs with. You'll have to go to the AV Science forum to see what I'm talking about. Query: What is different about BWC's nVidia drivers, as opposed to the ones from nVidia? It is my understanding that they're all backward compatible. Of my two currently running machines the AMD based HTPC has a 7300GT in it,so I wasn't worried about it but the 8600GTS in this I was worried [the certification for DX10] yet the driver I loaded works fine for W2k.
  5. I never heard of this before your post, maybe my answer to everything, especially if it runs my MDP-130s and the Sighnup Shield password manager! From a first look I'd be willing to pay for a copy but only one CD/DVD to run in all my machines. EDIT Oct14: They have been around awhile but how to use without NTFS? I still don't get it. I guess the only thing to do is to join their forum board and read up on it. EDIT Oct 16: Having looked at it, that OS is not quite ready for prime time, so I'll stick to Linux for extended on-line activities and boot back to W2k for the TV tuners and other legacy stuff! I dropped Yahoo Launchcast in favour of GotRadio? As of February,I needed to go through a proxy to get Yahoo as CBS cut it off for out-of-USA but GotRadio? comes in fine on both Linux and W2k, as long as those Mozilla plug-ins keep coming!
  6. That's why I'm an nVidia fan too. Linux is more fun but I'm having trouble getting Amarok to play all my .wav files from W2k drives. Even logged in as root,I'm getting 'access denied' when I try to copy some of those files {for customizing the Desktop} from W2k into /shares/sounds or /music but I'll ask other Mandy users for help in that.
  7. I might, to see if my connection is up to snuff this coming weekend but if results aren't satisfactory, I hope to remember to cancel, as I see it is a negative billing option like the cable companies here. jrf2027 and adamt if you're right I just checked my Firefox plugins and have Silverlight version 4.0.50524.0, so I guess it'll all depend on my connection speed. EDIT: Naw, I'm going to abandon this, not from any shortcomings of W2k but my 'net access is deplorable, just a notch above dialup at .5 Mbps d/l, as read by Speed-O-Meter.
  8. Did a search first of this subforum but it only pointed to a MSFN thread about a blue-ray player. Netflix has just come into Canada, so I just want to know, has anyone streamed it under W2K? Is it Flash, Mpeg2[the standard for DVDs] or Mpeg4[as in the HD standard for H.256 for cable and satellite] or do they use a proprietary player? This is why I asked, though a lot of stuff does run under 2000, like my tuner cards, from the netflix.ca website: Yes. Once you start your free trial, you can watch instantly online on your PC or Mac. You need a computer running Windows or Mac OS X and an active broadband Internet connection. Windows requirements: - Windows XP with Service Pack 2 or higher; Windows Vista; Windows 7 - Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher; Firefox 2 or higher - 1.2 Ghz processor - 512 MB RAM EDIT: Lenny Nero......I don't think they have forums yet. http://www.netflix.ca/?mqso=80023807&partid=www.neflix.ca
  9. [resurrecting a dead thread] I don't have a favourite, for a hardware firewall on the workstation I just pull the plug on the modem. Yesterday though I was searching for something more up-to date as 2000 doesn't have one built in like XP or Linux and newer has, my old standby has always been GhostWall[found at MajorGeeks.com] it is lite, doesn't have a teach/learn mode and consumes no resources both ZoneAlarm and PrivateFirewall were giving me a hard time though, so I got frustrated with them and reverted back to GW. Then used Easycleaner 2.0 to get rid of their traces. Though when i disconnect the modem from the A/C everything stops. FF and T-bird go into 'work offline' mode. While for the longest time I was blaming GW for the spontaneous disconnects[FF & TB going 'w.o.' while the modem is plugged in] it seems more likely [since I had a two day run without getting bumped out, then it just happened fifteen minutes ago] it seems more to do with the hydro power coming in...in both cases I get back on after a reboot. Unlike the XP home machine in the other room that doesn't require a reboot. However, GhostWall is old..no longer developed so I've been looking for a new one that operates more like the interactive one included with my Mandriva Linux setup to run in 2000 but there are some things Linux can't do, like run my two MDP-130s or Sighnup Shield. Hence my curiosity in this thread.
  10. I'm mainly concerned about running 2000 while using Mandriva, PClinuxOS or Linux Mint as the host OS.
  11. For what reason would you want that kind of computing power? I have yet to build anything other than a single core machine, mainly as you, one of my primary apps is that from the AVS user forums the DVD playback for the MDP-130 doesn't function under two or more cores. Even though the card itself will still run under multi-cores and perform its' DVR functions. Though wallowing in poverty at the moment, I'm getting an itchy trigger finger for wanting to build a dual core. As for DVR/DVD I already have my eye on the Jetway Flex /w Atom 230 for my next home theatre pc. It also has a sister board with a Atom 330 dual, though when I can afford one, I'll swap out the P4 in this Asus for one of the dual or quads listed in the manual but for now with a wonky DVD(only) reader in the main HTPC I depend on this Asus to play my movie collection. & You're lucky, even with Google translate I'm still having a hard time with Blackwingcat's web site.
  12. Same reasons that the Win98 crowd hang on with theirs and you can still find mobos that still run 2000, like the various industrial market ones or the Jetway Flex form with 230/330 Atom if you need one or two cores, right now I'm too broke for either and this two year old Asus runs [P5GC-MX/1333] runs 2000 or higher, single or multi-core, you just have to shop around like the O.P. did. [or should have] I'll still use 2000 for HTPC use. It helps if you can read the user manual as a .pdf or .txt. before buying.
  13. A) I'm envious that you get HULU.........I still need to find another US proxy because.... B)the one I use now is recognized by HULU as such and won't let me watch up here in the Great and not-so-White anymore North.
  14. Darn, I barely just got here and learning about this when I received a notification in email. Sorry to see it go.
  15. I'm ashamed as a Canadian not knowing this, or maybe have known it and forgotten, after all, it was a Scots-Canadian engineer who came up with Standard Time in the 1800s! thanks
  16. ....and at the majorgeeks site it is still listed as "Win All"
  17. Best question I've seen in a long while,Wild Bill. It would be great for those of us who still need or just want NT 5 for legacy and DVR stuff.
  18. I still can't make heads or tales of BWC's site but I'm not going to worry about it, as long as my TZ is correct I won't worry. (what are the '98 users in the other sub-forum doing about it?) All the more reason to go Linux. The only stumbling I'm having there is getting KeepassX or K Wallet to run as smoothly as SignupShield Suite does in Windows, meaning manual editing of the password databases. I'm sure somewhere the easy unofficial patch writers will catch up. From what I've seen it is just a shifting as to what populations are in which zone and when they use DST. Isn't it? Other than that I'm ready for a complete switch. I think I see what Redmond is doing.....make all their OSs that don't require activation useless to the bulk of users.
  19. I'm confused by what you're talking about, has a new time zone been created this year? I just go here if i ever lose my patch. http://www.intelliadmin.com/index.php/downloads/ scroll to bottom for freeware Still confusing even with google translate. What's the big deal? AFAIK there can't be more than 24 time zones, just a shifting as to what is where and what TZ the locals are in. eh? I'm still EST/EDT no matter what.
  20. Wow, this is terrific, I just came here to lurk but you almost make me want to roll back from W2kP but I think I'll stick with it even after July 13.
  21. What is it written in button caption ? I think your system dll is old. EZ install what do you mean? I just don't get how to use your stuff....def a language barrier, like trying to read a Japanese owners manual of the 1960s, I'm sure you're brilliant but I've decided to move to Mandriva, at least I can install it on several machines without buying extra licences.
  22. Thanks, both of you for your tips and FDV for all your hard work, apologies for being such a noob. I've stored your responses for further reference to avoid repeats.
  23. Though I'm moving to Linux, any of you guys using Spybot S & D ? It still supports 9x.

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