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  1. The nice thing about this is it keeps everyone on their toes...end result ? Faster, Cooler, Smaller. And we all benefit. After they have seperated us from our hard-earned cash of course.
  2. Yep too big... the rig it runs now it's just layed on the floor with the case open. It brings back memories though as i listen to it thrash around when reading multimedia files.... But for a durability factor considering how i beat the snot out of it over the years i'm suprised it's still around. patio. B)
  3. I have a Maxtor BigFoot that's gotta be 15 years old...large format 5 1/4" i believe. Still runs fine. patio. B)
  4. Was this machine dropped ? ? I would remove the drive from the bay and use a flashlight to see if anything is amiss with the drive connector. patio. B)
  5. Here Ya Go patio. B)
  6. I just noticed you are running Norton's...the Protected Recycle Bin can grow to astronomical proportions. Check there as well. patio. B)
  7. Or try this in Notepad: this app can break Save it and re-open it and see for yourself. patio. B)
  8. Excellent and Thanx ! patio. B)
  9. Total Copy link yeilds 404 error... patio. B)
  10. Actually i have found that MS can and will be very helpful more so than their reputation would lead you to believe... Just myself alone i have had 2 OEM OS's replaced and the full Office suite because of wierd circumstances. All 3 times they did what everyone told me they wouldn't, so i would encourage you to try that avenue. patio. B)
  11. Win98SE with all the added tweaks and updates if done properly is the cleanest, fastest and most stable WIN OS to date. This forum is an invaluable resource for getting it to that point and i commend all that have contributed. This is just my opinion of course, and your mileage may vary. Every OS has it's advantages and disadvantages and users also have personal preferences as well. patio. B)
  12. Great news for a Great product... patio. B)

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