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  1. IIRC you couldn't slipstream an XP-SP in an XP-iso on another OS than windows XP. Is this still the case with Vista? Do I really have to install Vista only to be able to run the slipstream utility in vLite or not? BTW: I looked for installation requirements on vLite, but didn't find any. So if vLite is as good as nLite, then this would be my only gripe with it /EDIT: and if I want to slipstream the 64-bit edition, do I need to do it on a 64-bit machine? That would probably raise even more problems, as I do not own any 64-bit hardware myself.
  2. You're correct, but I think it is advantageous to have a fully patched IE (and thus IE 6) when you see that the majority of the windows updates are meant to patch IE vulnerabilities. Removing IE entirely is something I have done already, but there is always that little app that needs some part of IE to function correctly (and yes, I know this is completely not done for any real programmer, but still...) Zl. (FF user BTW)
  3. Very nice, BTS, can't wait! I know it's not done, but do you have an *E*TA? (accent on the E(stimated))... -> next week, next month, etc.? Zl.
  4. Yes, after finishing all nLite-processes and just before you use the option "make iso". Zl.
  5. Am I correct when I conclude out of your above posts, BTS, that your solution will be to overwrite the XP-file mraid35x.sys with the stock 2K-one? It's just that I really need to make my 2K-cd and if your answer is yes, I'll do it manually. Of course I'll report back in, so you can use my experience in your programming. If you already know of any more steps to do, please let me know and I'll do it! Zl.
  6. Just to confirm I'm having the same prob, with all driverpacks integrated (including the Massstorage one). I'm not skilled enough to have a say on this, but I do know the hardware I was planning on installing this on, did not require this driver (or any other SATA/SCSI-driver), so I'm very annoyed with the windows setup for not letting me 'skip' this error THX BTS! Zl.
  7. Titou2k, I just installed a regular win2k with SP4 integrated, I've 'hidden' windows media player, installed and configured mplayerc, directX9 and finally your TTpack 2.0.4 with the EN-addon and the customized INI. This has always worked for me in XP and 2k3, but somehow it won't work for streaming content in my browser (FF) - I get an error saying a DirectShow-filter could not be found. The files play perfectly from my Hard Disk. The plugins and components are in the right directories and I've rebooted the computer several times now. Any idea what could be the problem? THX! Zl.
  8. I just made a new cd: Win2k3 Web edition / CodeJunkie update pack 1.33 / XPize 4.2MCE / nLite 1 RC5 / all BTS packs. During the copying of the files in the beginning, I get 2 missing files: HDAudBus.inf and HDAudio.inf. Install completes perfectly nonetheless, but just wanted to tell you this... (I don't need those files, but someone else might) THX BTS, everything went smoothly! Zl.
  9. I was interested, and it seems the program is still updated, but hosted by Pyrenean. Just to let you know. I'll stick with the reg-block-list! Zl.
  10. ... added version, the ini and the EN-addon to my silent install and all went perfectly: no more file version pop-ups during installation. I also seemed to be able to view WMV and MOV direcly on the website, so no complaints whatsoever! Is it still beta because you know of certain bugs? I have not seen one on Win2k3 (with MP64 and MP8/9 removed, compatibility kept) 1 small question: does the application INI accept a relative path like "%PROGRAMFILES%/Media Player Classic/mplayerc.exe", or can I only use an absolute path? Also: I 'stumbled' across the INI and language addon, but it was not really clear I needed all those files... THX for another great release! Zl.
  11. Whoa! This looks very good! No matter how many times you tell them to use Firefox, no matter how many IE-icons you remove after a complete new installation, somehow they always manage to get IE back together with all problems that it holds... I will be using this! ++ Zl.
  12. He's more than welcome to do it, but I won't be bothering him with it. Looks like way too much work and I don't think I have the time to go look for all those localised versions myself, so I will not be taking someone else's time. I'll get my friends to start using english software, probably much easier and in the end the internet will become a better place THX for your replies! Zl.
  13. Great guide! I think I go through about the same when I get a call like this from a friend/relative, but I have 2 suggestions: 1. Always make a backup before you start fiddling with software that has (badly) infected the system you're working on - it's not funny when you get asked to rescue a PC and then f*ck it up even worse 2. manually go through (at least) the 2 software-sections of the registry and the run- and runonce-section of the current windows-entries in the registry to search for obvious threads, delete them and reboot in safe mode to delete left files and folders. The second one will of course be of less importance after using all the software you mention, but the first is to important to be left out of a guide like yours. Sticky++ Zl.
  14. I know I've read this some while ago (when this project didn't even have its own sub-forum), but I cannot seem to find it: If you install this USP 5.1 on a non-english version of Win2K, will it break stuff or will it just display some dialog boxes in both languages? Sadly, some people I know prefer windows in their native language Sure, I could try it myself in VMware, but if it were to cause (non-critical) problems that I might overlook, then I could end up in a lot of problems... And chances are really high someone else here has tested this I guess THX a lot for this magnificent project! Zl.
  15. *bump* Anyone? I tried to look it up (Search, Google), but it seems that the windows registry is something not too much can be found about... Zl.
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