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  1. What Is Everyone Playing?

    Just got Call of Duty and I like it so far. Haven't played it enough to call it the Bf1942 killer yet but its fun to play so far and Multiplayer is really good as well.
  2. Word of advice - for those that listen

    **** Tris, I thought he was talking about Eve! Lol
  3. Check this out>>

    Hey Crisp, Get the game man!!! And join Critical Mass Enterprises and be the best
  4. Pepsi or Coke?

    BEER !!!!!
  5. Eve Online

    Just pre-ordered my copy tonight. This game rocks!
  6. Eve Online

    WOOT !!! Got my invite last night. Played around with it for a few hours and I must ay its pretty cool so far. w00t
  7. Eve Online

    Still waiting for my invite to play Eve. Can't wait to try it out. PM'd Snoop but never heard back from him. Me waits patiently...........
  8. Eve Online

    Hey Snoop, I'll take one of those spare accounts off ya if you still have any.....Thanks in advance.......
  9. What Are You Looking Forward To...?

    Fishing, Fishing, and oh, did I mention FISHING !!!!!!
  10. Eve Online

    We've been playing on the midwestgamers server a lot. Also been playing on the anarchists-clan server a lot. I left a post in the the BF'42 section on that server and where to download the maps they are hosting. That Eve game sounds interesting but theres no way in hell I'm paying them to play online when it should be free.... Let one of them charge us and the next thing you know they'll all be doing it.....
  11. Eve Online

    Hey Tris, get tired of BF1942 already. We all miss ya over there, drop in once in a while.........
  12. Yeah ,that Geraldo's always been a stupid a**! Only he would draw the Iraqi Military a map of our troop positions in the sand. What an id***! I would have loved to see the butt of a rifle across his head while he was drawing that. I bet those soldiers were p***ed......
  13. Sattelite Images Of Bagdad

    We should have finished what we started 12 years ago when we liberated Kuwait. We should have took Saddam and his regime out of power back then. Now that the coalition is starting their move on Bagdad lets pray for as few casualties as possible.....
  14. What Your Looking Forward To Playing This Year

    I'm still hooked on BF1942 ! Would like to try Deus Ex 2 or Doom 3 though.....
  15. Can We Have A Week Of No War Topics?

    I'm with you guys. Lets give it a rest for a while. Thats all we see on the stations in the U.S. also.