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  1. coch

    Password expiration

    Not 100% sure, but my guess would be looking in your registry at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon there should be a key named PasswordExpiryWarning that specifies the # of days until expiration. I believe this key only specifies the length though, and I suspect there is another key to toggle the expiration on and off (and if it is on, this duration specified by this key here is honored) but I have not found it yet.
  2. coch

    Password expiration

    The first True/False is for 'Active' i.e. whether or not the account is active. The remaining 3 True/False are for 'Blank Password', 'Must Have Password', and 'Can Change Password', respectively. This made me realize that I was wrong: Looks like there isn't even a True/False for the password expiration and thus, the setting does not get saved in the presets file. Still, the issue remains that the box reverts on being checked when loading my preset and my isos are such that Windows will eventually ask for a password even though I always uncheck the password expiration.
  3. coch

    Password expiration

    bump can anyone try and reproduce this? It is easy to try and only takes a few minutes... thanks
  4. Yeah maybe I confused things and was not too clear in my previous post by saying that the ATI Hotkey Poller service messes up with winlogon. Actually, what I am seeing, and I can reproduce this, is that the issue arises when the ATI Hotkey Poller is disabled. Thus, if you have an ATI card and driver installed and disabled the ATI Hotkey Poller service this might be the cause. At least for me this was the explanation although it may have been something specific to my system as well.
  5. this is good information. I am not convinced however, that it is Winlogon doing funny things, I suspect the ATI driver might be the culprit, see my posts (especially the last one) under this thread: http://www.msfn.org/board/Strange-issue-wi...gon-t81944.html ATI hotkey poller seems to mess up with the logon process. This could be at least part of the explanation.
  6. coch

    Password expiration

    Hi, Can anyone confirm this bug?: (I had initially reported this here http://www.msfn.org/board/Administrator-Ac...486#entry754486 but never got a reply, and my post was not fully on topic with the thread anyways so I thought a new topic would be best) The issue is that the Password expiration = "false" setting is saved as "true" in the presets file. This is really annoying to me, and I believe nLite produces WinXP ISOs with password expiration enabled even though I unchecked password expiration (I always uncheck password expiration in nLite, but on several occasions I was asked to change my e
  7. Ok thanks for the feedback... yes I see now that my issue is not the same as the original poster but I think there are some similarities nevertheless. Regarding the administrator account that "does not appear on Welcome screen unless it's the only account and you are not auto loging", did you mean "unless it is the only administrator account"? I do see the administrator account on the welcome screen, it is not the only account, and I am not auto logging. It is only when I create a second administrator account that the first one disappears.
  8. Anybody has additional info about this? I still run into this issue whenever I create a second administrator account from the windows control panel i.e. my initial administrator account gets deleted (or at least hidden) from the welcome screen. I was able to find since then that even though it is not available on the welcome screen, if I disable the welcome screen and fast user switching, I am able to logon using the original administrator account, but I still find it weird that I am unable to create a second administrator account without making the first one inaccessible.
  9. so... does anyone has any idea as to what the issue could be. I still did not manage to fix the problem, I got the expiration problem again today even though I disabled password expiration as always. nuhi, I may have additional info on this. Looks like the password expiration settings are not saved properly to the last_session_u.ini file, at least under certain conditions. Basically, my settings are as such: User #1 = Administrator (renamed to "coch"). Autologon = None. Logon count = 0. Password expiration = false. Blank password = false. Must have password = true. Can change password = true.
  10. ... MAY affect...MAY cause... sounds like they are trying to scare the unknowing based on potential issues
  11. actually, I have the same issue, and the Password expiration = "enable" and "0 Days" should not be the issue because setting the expiration to 0 makes it so that the password never expires (the enable check box however, seems to randomly revert to being checked when I had unchecked it, but that's another issue). I guess I'll just have to rename the default admin account and not be able to setup a second one.
  12. I experience a similar issue as well, and I do not have spaces in my user accounts. Basically, I rename the administrator account in nLite and it is active. Post WinXP install, if I create a second user account from the control panel and make that account administrator, the one that was setup by nLite gets deleted (or hidden) at the next reboot. Is this the intended behaviour (i.e. the default admin account reverts to its hidden state when another one is manually created?).
  13. I also got this issue, when updating to Firefox, Firefox complained about JRE6 being disabled for incompatibility, however, I found the Java plugin 100% working anyways, I mean, other than the notice from Firefox saying it was not compatible, I found Java totally working and no other side effect. That is using Sharkès Java package.
  14. hehe no problem. yeah i hope so too, but im reasonably sure I tested it enough: disable ATI Hotkey Poller service, reboot --> problem is there reboot again --> problem still there Set ATI Hotkey Poller service to automatic, reboot -->problem fixed, reboot again --> problem still fixed repeat the steps above several times. I did all that so im pretty sure now.
  15. Hi Nuhi Ok i found the issue, 100% reproducible now, but you need an ATI card to experience this issue. the cause is that I was disabling the ATI Hotkey Poller service using a reg tweak. Disabling this service will cause the issue I reported for some odd reason since it only supposed to manage ATI hotkey features (which I do not even have since I do not install the ATI control panel, I install the driver pack only). Re-enabling this service (manual won't do, it needs to be set to automatic) will solve the issue. I think it is probably not related to nLite, although it is strange that I have be
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