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  1. I too looked first to WUD since it capably provided everything to integrate updates when I initially took on customizing a Win7 installation in 2012. Came back to customizing Win7 again last month but ran into the same trouble with WUD .ulz's ending in early 2015. A useful post somewhere pointed to WHDownloader being currently supported and it was able to download everything as well as WUD. I didn't run into any obsolete KBs and only had to sift out the recent Win10 forced update related KBs. I also found that WHD has good notation on each update and categorizes them into separate labelled
  2. Thanks for that perspective. I'll leave WFP on and not worry about it. Figures it doesn't have much teeth except maybe to recover from boneheaded deletion. Curious what your Win7 component removal list looks like to arrive at 2GB install size. Did you make the build with NTLite or another method?
  3. "Other" forum? Does that mean WHDownloader is not considered the logical continuation to use after WUD because it is supported via a different forum? I used it last month and was able to get all the 2015 updates I needed and integrate them into a Win7 install via NTLite.
  4. Sounds promising. I take it that apart from sfc /scannow complaining it can't fix everything, you've found no other bad effects from leaving WFP enabled after downsizing away components which had protected files? Agreed, Win7 recovery is flimsy at best. The only other useful function of WFP is that it should help to prevent malware modifying system files. But I don't know how effective it is at that task either.
  5. Recently built and installed custom Win7 Ultimate using NTLite. But old habits die hard and I couldn't resist removing several junk Win7 components and features during customization. Haven't done much tweaking yet and decided to run a WFP protected files scan. Not surprising, there are some corrupt files found that cannot be fixed by WFP due to being completely removed. I'm not opposed to the idea of keeping WFP enabled for now, but there's no method I've ever heard of to modify which files will receive WFP protection. It wouldn't be much hassle to restore removed components/features and
  6. Howdy steven4554, In process of building an unattended Win7 and I will use your latest update for SP1. But I noticed a few updates from your previous 08MAY list that are gone from the 12JUN list. Have these been superseded by new updates? CRITICAL UPDATES: KB2675157 (IE9 UPDATE) KB2556532 IMPORTANT UPDATES: KB2641690
  7. Okay, here is a closer look at what I did in nLite. Also, on the UNATTENDED - General settings page, I altered the default Program Files path to another hard drive partition instead of C:\ After looking at my recent install again yesterday, I can see that the Guest Account I wanted has been created, it was simply deactivated in User Accounts. But the default Administrator account which I renamed to 'Troubleshooting Only' wasn't created in the Documents and Settings folder. You can see that my Troubleshooting Only account is marked as an Administrator, but the day-to-day account with the name J
  8. Hello all, For much time using nLite with super success that I have experienced, thank you all! Lately I have a problem after post-install. Everything in WINXP x86 is working fine except that the User Accounts which I typed into the UNATTENDED section of nLite aren't aren't being created as I like. In the UNATTENDED section: I renamed the default WINXP Administrator account to something else for extra security and gave it a password. I renamed the default Guest Account to something else as well. Then I created an additional account profile which would be for my day-to-day use. I slapped a pas
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