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  1. @pollop What myselfidem is correct. Also, when you choose the installation source, the list of editions will appear in the list. Also the list appears in your log. You could post your log so we could help you more. Hmmm. I could look into that. I was looking in this yesterday. I think it could be done. All we need is to replace some images in explorer.exe If you go to 7Customizer work directory you will see some batch files. Edit these files with notepad and you will see the commands. I recommend doing that before hitting the apply button. @ myselfidem Thanks for reporting. I will fix it in the next release. @ Hopie Which updates are not working? Regards
  2. @grabben @ajdee in 0.4.2a I made some changes to the eng-refrence.lng so make sure you include these changes. @ DuduMan Nope. I do not. Feel free and translate it. @ Hopie I do not think this is an update. It is a tool. Anyways, I will check it out and see. Regards
  3. @ myselfidem You are most welcome @ DarkMass Thank you for your words. @ ajdee Attach your language file, I will look at it and report back to you. Regards
  4. @ myselfidem OK. I got you now. I will correct this in the next release. thanks for your feedback. Regards
  5. @ myselfidem From what I understand is that you want to change the word Themes and Wallpapers that appears in the Tab title, right? See the image Regards
  6. @neo You are welcome. I'll be waiting for your feedback. @ DuduMan sure why not. @ Zumoc Post your log so we can help you. @ TheWalrus For now, I will just wait for the feedback for some days and then I will update the first post. @ mrookie Thank you. Could you post your log, it will be helpful. @ myselfidem They are already there. The section for them are [themes] and [wallpapers] I will add these in the next version. Thanks guys for your feedback. Regards
  7. @ ascatem Languages support are implemented in 0.4.2. You can go ahead and translate it. @ grabben Could you post a new thread in MSFN forum just what ascatem did? link Go ahead and translate it. @ pedilover Me email is already in 7Customizer about dialog. Also,could you post the links for the themes you mentioned. Thanks guys. Regards
  8. @ ascatem Yup. Thank you. I will put the link in the first post now. Regards
  9. @grabben Ignore this error. I have already fixed it in the next release. @ pedilover The themes will be in this folder Users\Default\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\Themes. when you create a new user, they will be copied to your profile. Anyways, could you post a link for the themes that weren't integrated. Also, make sure that you go to your desktop and right click and select personalize to see if the themes are integrated correctly or not. Thanks for your feedback. Regards
  10. @grabben @pedilover Try the new release. I have updated the theme integration function. Thanks for your feedback. Regards
  11. @ascatem What I meant is a new post in the MSFN forum that contains your link. You can see some guides in the first post. You could do the same so I can link to your guide. Thank you. It is planned for this release. It is mentioned in the first post. No. Please do not share 7Customizer. I do not want to publicly distribute it until I finish 7Customizer functions. Thank you. Regards
  12. @ pedilover Hmmmm very strange. Even the log file is not complete. Anyways, I am glad it worked for you and I will look into that problem. Thanks for reporting @grabben Could you post the links for the ones that are not working. @ mrookie This already reported and I have fixed it in the next release Thanks guys for the feedback. Regards
  13. @grabben Could you test the ISO first? I will look at the problem meanwhile. Regards
  14. And now I should reply to some old and some new posts (sorry for the delay) @ gusdi12 Thanks for reporting. It will be fixed in the next release. @ crunch81 Icon UAC is working fine. It has been tested already. @beatmaster I will test this and report back. @Adadu The problem you had was due to using a modified installation source. This will be fixed in the coming releases. @Wolverine1977 For the time being No. If I could get an enterprise version I might support it. @ascatem Could you make a new post with the link so I can link to it? @seahotred2 What I made is simmiliar to your method. However, I put the themes in the default user profile. So everytime you create a user, he will have all the themes. Thanks for sharing. @ grabben Could you make a new post so I could link to it? @Bazzek Thanks for conforming. I will need a Windows 7 enterprise installation source to implement support for enterprise edition but I do not have it. @ bakkerbe Hmmm. I will find out and fix it. Thanks for reporting. Again, sorry guys for the delay. Regards
  15. No. The themes integration function is already implemented. I just wanted to make sure everything is working correctly before I release the new version. Regards
  16. @ maxXPsof That is it. I am reporting you to the admin. You really are a disrespectful person. For the other members who have waited for me, thank you for patient and help. See you after a week. Regards.
  17. Hi, Sorry for not replying. I am currently very busy on a project. I work even in weekends. I always stay late till midnight and once I went home 4:45 am. So it is currently not possible for me to even reply here. However, the project go live is on Wednesday 17 March. That means next week it will be finished. Then I can continue the development of 7Customizer. Sorry again for not replying. Regards
  18. @bobthenob WOW, you are still using v 0.3.3. Anyways, thanks for the feedback. Regards
  19. @grabben Could you put all files in a zip file and then upload the zip file, I will create a pdf file for you. Regards
  20. @szlajo2 Maybe you opened some files from the mount folder and did not close them. When there is a problem in unmounting an image, you could use this command and it will cleanup the mount folder. @grabben Thanks for the help. @myselfidem Could you make a new post like DH.Omega and call it e.g 7Customizer French guide so I could put a link for it. @grabben Hmmmm, you could upload it to your skydrive and then make a topic just like H.Omega and I will put a link for it. @TheWalrus Yes it is possible. However, since 7Customizer can be used on XP and people could put imagex and dism and oscdimg in different folders, it is better to leave it this way. Thanks for the suggestion @bobthenob Glad it worked for you. Could you post your log it would be helpful. Regards
  21. @hclarkjr I agree as someone before said to me you are the next nuhi. I said to him: no I am not the next nuhi and I am different than him. No he did not fade away. Lots of people still use nlite and vlite so he did not fade. @grabben Oh I see. @Mystenes Hmmmmm, let me think about that. I will contact the forum administration about this. @grabben hehe You know what, I told my friends about you. I said to them: Wow this guy is excited about 7Customizer more than me and he really helps a lot. I showed them your posts about your testings and they were really exited and happy. Thanks man. @hclarkjr About the SP1, do not worry about that right now. We will discuss this issue when SP1 is released. @Mystenes , @DH.Omega , @grabben Thanks for confirming. Could you post the log files, it would be helpful. @grabben Thanks man for your help I really appreciate it. Regards
  22. @grabben Hmmmm, I recommend testing the customized ISO in a virtual machine instead of wasting DVDs. @hclarkjr Glad it worked for you. Thanks for your feedback. @grabben Nice work man. Thanks for the help. There is another guy who also faced such a problem. I updated the Known bugs section in the first post with this problem. Anyways, you could test it. It will really help. Thanks. This name was in my mind when I started 7Customizer but I decided to try a new name. I mentioned this name because people were expecting that the successor to vlite will be 7lite. One thing to confirm is that "7Customizer" is the name of this software and I will not change it. thanks for your feedback and help. Regards
  23. @grabben Hmmmm, I have faced a similar situation. I tried to save the iso to a network drive and it did not work. When I tried to save it to the C drive it worked fine. Anyways thanks for your feedback and help. Regards

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