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  1. why not? I think we need such a program and with some testing we could end up with a stable program that does not break things up.
  2. Yeah I know but vLite is not designed for Windows 7 and it has many issues with Windows 7. Also nuhi stopped its development. So we need a replacement program. If we can gather some information about the components and their files and registry settings it would be easy to create a similar program to vlite that is designed for Windows 7.
  3. Hi, I have a small question is it possible to remove components from the Windows 7 image (install.wim) by removing some files and tweaking the registry in the install image. Let me clear this for you For example if I want to remove notepad, I can mount the image using ImageX and the remove the file notepad.exe and modify some settings in the registry inside the image. If it is possible could we make a list of most the components in windows 7 and their appropriate files and registry entries? If that possible we could automate this easily by developing a program. FYI I am used to nlite and unattended Windows XP and removing components from it. Also I never used Vista and never needed to make unattended or remove components from it. Thanks

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